CNN Says Tucker Carlson 'Killing' People With 'Anti-Vax' Rhetoric in Segment That Needs to Be Addressed

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You don’t have to watch both networks 24-7 to know that CNN talks about Fox News much more than the other way around. Fox News simply doesn’t need to for reasons that should be obvious to everyone.


Fox News is competition for CNN but CNN is most definitely not competition for Fox News. The viewership numbers and ratings just don’t lie.

It is for that reason as well as political ones, of course, that are behind the struggling news channel’s continual bashing of Fox News, whether the rants come from Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy, or any of the other cast of characters who currently reside on Planet Zuckerville.

Their latest attack on Fox News with a special emphasis on Tucker Carlson came this morning, when “New Day” co-hosts John Berman and Brianna Keilar teamed up with CNN “media analyst” Bill Carter, all three of who accused the network and especially Carlson of spreading “anti-vax” information that has led to and supposedly will lead to more deaths during the pandemic in the coming months.

Feigning exasperation, Keilar said that “when history asks how so many Americans died when they could have been saved by a simple shot or two, you’ll see these [Fox News] TV clips again that we’ve just shown, in documentaries, about the cautionary tale that has been America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, about how a large part of our country, misled by misinformation often echoed by elected officials and right-wing media, was thrown a life raft, and instead said, ‘No, I’ll take my chances.'”


As she said that, the number “607,771” was flashed on the screen, which is the number of deaths in America from the coronavirus to date.

She then brought on Carter, who in the past has suggested Fox News employees quit in protest. During this particular segment, he accused those employees of being derelict in their duty as “professionals in the information business” for staying on at the network.

Keilar then went on to suggest that what people were hearing from Fox News was not “responsible journalism.” Preparing to ask a leading question, Keilar also stated that “this information, taken to heart, endangers their viewers.” She then asked Carter “why do you think Fox hosts are doing this?”

Carter then gave a staggeringly idiotic answer by alleging that Fox News hosts were deliberately putting their viewers in harm’s way because they (the hosts) wanted to hurt President Biden. Further, Carter claimed that had Trump won the election that Fox News hosts would be taking the opposite view and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Watch the segment below if you can stomach the stupidity and smugness on display:


I’m not sure what to be disgusted by more – the fake “concern” expressed by the hosts and Carter, the fact that they’re lying about there being “anti-vax” rhetoric about Fox News, or that they’re upset over the fact that people are drawing their own conclusions about whether or not to get the vaccine instead of marching to the beat of the CNN drum.

Right off the top, the clips from Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity’s respective programs that CNN showed – which you didn’t see in the above clip but can see here – were not “anti-vaccine.” You can watch them and see for yourself. They either involved asking questions about the vaccine or questioning various government rationales last year and this year about continuing to keep the country locked down.

Last I checked, it was still supposed to be okay in this country for reporters and political commentators to tell people that it’s okay to question official government narratives, especially when they involve matters of public health.

Secondly, CNN was among the many “news” outlets that cheerfully questioned how effective the Wuhan coronavirus vaccine would be last year as Trump was predicting it would be ready in record time, before the end of the year in fact. And not only did networks like CNN suggest that the vaccine could be dangerous to the public because it was supposedly being “rushed through for political reasons” (to paraphrase), but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both undermined the vaccine in the fall by echoing the talking point about it being pushed through too quickly. Biden at one point even suggested a team of scientists to review the vaccine before it was released just to make sure it was safe for the public.


All of this changed post-election, though. Rather conveniently.

Let’s also not forget how CNN joined others in the media in ridiculing Trump for suggesting hydroxychloroquine as a drug that in concert with others could help people survive the coronavirus. His claim was proven to be true, but if you listened to CNN last year, you would have thought Trump was endangering lives with how he was touting potential treatment options.

With that in mind, should we accuse CNN of endangering lives? I’d say based on that information alone a credible case could be made that they made far more dangerous statements discouraging potential remedies for COVID than anyone at Fox News ever did. Fox News has encouraged people to ask questions. CNN, on the other hand, suggested at various points last year that the vaccine could potentially be dangerous because it was being rushed through. Basically, they did what they accused Fox News of doing: They discouraged the vaccine under one president but are now encouraging it under another.

So no, no one needs nor deserves a lecture from anyone at CNN on the use of rhetoric that could potentially lead to lost lives. Between what they said about hydroxychloroquine and the vaccine last year and also how they encouraged the Antifa/BLM-led riots that cost lives and livelihoods of so many, CNN can kindly take a seat because they hold no moral high ground here. None whatsoever.


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