CNN Ratings Crater in Prime Time and They Wish They Had Trump Back

Even though they won’t admit it, you’d better believe CNN wishes they had President Mean Tweets back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They just got bumped behind HGTV in viewing for prime time.


You read that right, Home & Garden Television.

Now, before I jump into the main part of this let’s just take a quick walk down memory lane. There was a time in this country that if there were a breaking news story ANYWHERE in this country or the world you went right to the TV and turned on CNN. Even when the other cable news networks popped up, people turned to CNN for breaking news. They were our version of the BBC without the adorable accent.

Now, more people would rather watch how to get rid of gophers in your garden than Fredo Cuomo and whatever Sour Lemon was blathering about.

I just wrote about how since January, the overall ratings for Ted Turner’s creation had sunk close to 70% and the future was so bleak that had to take off their shades. CNN Ratings Since Trump Left Office Have Sunk Almost as Fast as the Titanic. Now the ratings for May are in with the coveted Prime Time slots with the money maker viewers of 25-54 and it is getting worse.

Here is the autopsy report from Daily Wire

The ratings are in, and they’re bad news for CNN: The legacy media network lost nearly one out of every four of its total viewers since last month.

Total daytime viewership fell by 22% in May compared to April, and even more (28%) among viewers aged 25-54, the most coveted viewing demographic.

The number of people tuning in for prime time also fell in May, causing CNN to crash out of the top 5 cable networks in prime time for the first time in months.

All three major cable news networks saw their audiences shrink over the last month, perhaps in part because casual viewers who tuned in to watch coverage of the Derek Chauvin trial in April tuned out in May.


Now, someone at CNN of course is going to read this and say “AHHH HAAAAA” all cable news viewers dropped and that it is not their fault. Except that is not how advertisers look at these things. If you dropped out of the top 3 you no longer get top 3 money or top 5 etc etc. All media companies base their ad rates on eyeballs and if you don’t have as many of those watching, you are not going to get as much money to pay Fredo to counsel his brother on how to avoid leaving office.

Of course, CNN in a press release said that the reason for them falling behind in the May ratings was,

“a news cycle that has cooled down significantly from a year ago.”

Translation: We miss bashing Donald Trump.

Cooled down? You kids are heading into arctic territory in December with this drop. I Hope Zuck has given you all polar bear undies to deal with this.

Donald Trump was the straw that stirred the CNN ratings drink. He had zero problems stopping and engaging with CNN or any network at any time walking to and fro in and around the White House or any campaign event and that gave them fodder or ‘news’. Now CNN and the other cable news networks cant get close enough to the current guy to see if he has a pulse — and forget about the V.P., being she is shopping for new drapes for the oval.

Now that CNN is behind Fox News, MSNBC, and HGTV in where they place in overall cable networks, you have to wonder how much longer this grand experiment of allowing people to pretend to be journalists can continue. Jeff Zucker must have some pretty damaging information on someone to have been leading this disaster since 2013 and still collecting a paycheck.


Whatever may happen, I shall still check in on the former worldwide leader in the news to see how they are trying to spin whatever debacle crazy Joe is running from currently. Watching a “news organization” spin is marvelous and I highly suggest everyone try it occasionally to stay sharp.

If you get bored, you can go over to HGTV and join all those others Americans who stopped watching CNN also.


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