Josh Hawley Brings Receipts, Takes a Blow Torch to Democratic PAC That Targeted His Sister's Clinic

Al Drago/Pool via AP

Of all the Republicans in the House and Senate who raised objections to certifying Electoral College results back in January, Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Josh Hawley (MO) appear to be bearing the brunt of the attacks coming from the media and the left.


Hawley, in particular, has seen the New York Times track down former classmates, a prom date, and his middle school principal for comment on how they were “aghast at his role in undermining confidence in America’s elections.”

He’s also been called a “seditionist” and “traitor” by members of Congress, has been unsuccessfully targeted for censure or expulsion by some of the same people, had a book deal canceled, and saw his Washington, D.C. home visited by so-called “protesters” who thought it would be a good idea to terrify his wife and infant daughter in the middle of the night while he wasn’t home.

Sadly, the attacks against Hawley by way of using his family members continue to get more personal, as an obviously upset Hawley explained in a Twitter thread an hour ago in revealing how an Act Blue-funded PAC recently targeted his sister’s clinic on “multiple” occasions:

Hawley, obviously feeling protective over his sister, then proceeded to direct the group to his office, advising them that if they have an issue with him that they should take it up with him and not members of his family:


He included receipts as well, including photos of the PAC’s truck and one of his sister dressed in medical scrubs:

In response, “Really American” got huffy and threatened legal action against Hawley for calling them out:

But Hawley didn’t care. Clearly, it’s about family honor here and he was not having it:

Does anybody get the impression that if he wasn’t a U.S. Senator, Hawley would go all wild west and demand satisfaction via an old-fashioned duel? LOL. He’s clearly p.o.’d and who could blame him for being angry?


In any event, considering how Maxine Waters and other Democratic members of Congress were urging people to “get in the faces” of Trump-supporting Republicans, we shouldn’t be too surprised this is happening. It’s disgusting to be sure, because there are no lows to which the left will not stoop anymore, and that includes harassing family members at their homes and places of business and shouting Republican politicians and administration officials out of restaurants over political disagreements.

And sadly, in worst-case scenarios, it involves shooting up a baseball field full of Republican House and Senate members.

We’ll keep you posted on any potential new developments in this story. Stay tuned.

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