Pulitzer Prize Journalism: NYT Hunts Down Josh Hawley's Prom Date and Middle School Principal

Democrats and some in media have been trying to target Republicans who questioned the electoral count on Jan. 6, calling them “seditionists” and other ridiculous terminology despite the finding that no Republican members were involved in the riot and despite the fact that many Democrats, including House Impeachment manager Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have also objected to the electoral count in the past.


But how desperate can media get? Well, the New York Times shows just how silly media can be with what they just did to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO). This is how bad liberal journalism 2021 has gotten.

They actually hunted down his prom date and his middle school principal to ask their opinion of him. Seriously? This is journalism? How far has the New York Times slid with this kind of Democratic operative kind of stuff?

Here’s their justification why they did this, to show “his growing comfort with doing what it takes to hold on to power.” No bias there, right? “Josh Hawley’s prom date: “I’ve been very disappointed to see who he has become.”

From NY Times:

But in recent weeks, some of Mr. Hawley’s old classmates and teachers have been aghast at his role in undermining confidence in America’s elections.

“I’ve been very disappointed to see who he has become,” said Kristen Ruehter-Thompson, a close friend growing up who was once Mr. Hawley’s prom date.

Even his middle school principal, Barbara Weibling, has weighed in. “I’m not surprised he’s a politician and that he’s shooting for the presidency,” said Ms. Weibling, a vocal supporter of Democrats. “The only thing is, I think he had a strict moral upbringing, and I was really disappointed he would suck the country into the lies that Trump told about the election. I just think that’s wrong.”

And why is a principal talking badly about a former student? Talk about unprofessional on her part (Democrat, of course).


Yes, but also because they see him as a potential contender for the presidency in the future, and just like with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are going all-in to tar him now. That’s why it’s so focused on him and on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for objecting.

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