Chris Coons Reveals Path to 'Repentance' for Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, and It's Absolute Garbage (Watch)

As we reported yesterday, opinions in the Senate on whether or not Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz bear any alleged “responsibility” for the Capitol riots seem to vary. Same same on viewpoints regarding whether or not they should be censured for the actions they took that critics say lead to the alleged inciting of the rioters: objecting to electoral votes.


The left’s/media’s favorite Republican Sen. Mitt Romney told CNN’s Manu Raju that while he didn’t agree with Hawley and Cruz raising objections, he nevertheless felt they “raised questions which are legitimate within the Senate … I think they’re entitled to raise those points.”

On the other hand, soon-to-be-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s assessment of what happened two weeks ago was quite different, and seemed to insinuate that “powerful people” like Cruz and Hawley played a role. On the floor of the U.S. Senate Tuesday, he not only alleged that President Trump “provoked” the Capitol stormers, but he also stated that rioters were provoked by “other powerful people.”

But while McConnell hasn’t indicated where he stands on a possible “punishment” for Cruz and Hawley for doing what numerous House Democrats did in 2001, 2005, and 2017 by voicing objections to electoral votes, Democratic Senators are, including Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) – a longtime friend and political ally of Joe Biden’s – who told CNN’s John Berman yesterday that the path to unity and healing in the Senate for Hawley and Cruz would be for them to “repent” and “take responsibility” for the role he claims they played in the Capitol riots:


“A lot of my faith heroes and heroes in service are people like John Lewis who were able to be reconciled to those who opposed them at times even violently,” Coons said. “But part of my understanding of how we should conduct ourselves in this world is that true reconciliation only comes after repentance.”

He continued, “I’m looking to see whether my colleagues reflect on the chaos and violence of last Wednesday and take any responsibility for it.”


What was somewhat fascinating about Coons’ remarks is that he did not provide any explanation for why Sens. Cruz and Hawley should “take any responsibility” for what happened at the Capitol on the 6th. Did they break the windows? No. Did they open the doors? No. Did they encourage anyone to break the law? No.

Did they do what House Democrats have done in the past three presidential elections Republicans won by exercising their right to object to electoral votes? Yes. That is the apparent “crime” here for which Cruz and Hawley are being told they must beg for forgiveness.

Some really bad precedents are being set here by the party of “unity and healing” and their allies in the MSM, and they are not going to like it at all when it gets turned around on them at some point in the future when another Republican comes along and wins a presidential election.


Any House Democrat who objects will immediately get painted by their Republican colleagues with the same broad brush Hawley and Cruz are now, and when those same Democrats demand to know why they’re getting such treatment, all they’ll have to do is hear the words “2021” and then perhaps they’ll finally understand the folly of what their party did at the time.

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