Awkward: Boris Johnson Has to Correct Joe Biden as He Messes Up at the G7 (Again)

Phil Noble, Pool via AP)

Joe Biden is still in Cornwall, U.K., at meetings of the G7.

The countries that are part of the G7 are the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan. But other leaders had been invited to attend meetings today, including India, South Korea, and South Africa. The president of India, Narendra Modi, participated virtually, but the president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, was in attendance in person.


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced the guests that they are having at the meeting today. “Welcome, those who have just joined us, we have some pretty spectacular weather. We have Prime Minister Modi [the prime minister of India], President Ramaphosa [South Africa], President Moon [South Korea] in just a minute.”

But that’s when Joe Biden interrupted, confused. “And the president of South Africa,” Biden said, despite the fact that Johnson had just introduced Ramaphosa. Biden then did a double-punch in the air toward the South African president, who was across the table.

Johnson has to correct him and say that he already mentioned Ramaphosa, to which Joe appears to say that he didn’t hear that. He didn’t have Jill or Kamala there to cover for his actions, with the other leaders, when he messes up. But Johnson puts out his arm a couple of times to have to stop Joe, treating him like a five-year-old talking out of turn. Everyone laughs. That’s actually more embarrassing than just being confused about who was introduced. Joe seems out of it and doesn’t seem to understand that. It’s clear that Johnson thinks he can just treat Biden that way, which is not a good look — an incredibly weak and embarrassing look for an American president.


It’s right about that point that the Sky News reporter is then rushed out of the room by officials in the meeting. Can’t have them catching any of the issues with Grandpa Disaster, or that might be a problem for their “Build Back Better” efforts.

Part of the problem of having him go to these meetings is there’s only so much that the handlers can control; he has to participate, so there are going to be issues. As we reported earlier, his presser today at the G7 was a train wreck, too. Having our leader in a condition like this is not in the best interests of the United States. When your wife has to scold you to “pay attention” and lead you away from reporters, it’s not good.

On top of that, Biden had already signaled the days of putting America first were going to be over while he is in power. Macron described Biden as “part of the club” (translation: not leading with the interests of America — willing to pour money out for liberal craziness once again — just like Barack Obama).


We are in deep trouble with this guy in charge now, and the only thing that might be worse than his incompetence might be the person who would take over.


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