Yikes: Joe Biden Completely Goes off the Rails, Confusing Syria With Libya

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We reported earlier about the problems that Joe Biden has been having at the G7 today.

As I wrote, Biden got confused during a G7 meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the other world leaders, and Johnson had to correct him. Then the PM waved twice to shut down what he was saying, while the other leaders laughed — and Biden looked confused, in an embarrassing display.


As my colleague Bonchie reported, Biden gave a horrible, solo press conference. He talked about getting “in trouble with staff” if he didn’t call from pre-approved list of reporters, got combative when asked a question, and gave just the weirdest response ever. He also seemed weak when asked why he wasn’t doing a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin and said he wasn’t looking to get into conflict with Russia.

But, Biden also showed how confused he really is when he confused Syria and Libya — not just once, but three times. This was just really bad and a terrible thing to show on the world stage.

Biden said we can “work together with Russia for example in Libya,” that they should be providing “vital assistance” to a population that is in real trouble. Biden clearly started to get lost in what he was trying to say and looked despairingly at his notes, using filler words as he tried to read the notes.

“Russia has engaged in activities which we believe are contrary to international norms.” He said Russia has bitten off some big problems they’re going to have trouble dealing with such as the rebuilding of “Syria, Libya, they’re there.” He finished by saying he hopes they can find an accommodation [with Russia] that can save the lives of the people in Libya.


Every time he said Libya, it should have been Syria. Russia isn’t in Libya, but Grandpa Disaster Joe doesn’t seem to even grasp that. Unfortunately for him, there’s only so much that notes can provide you; they can’t help you when you have no idea what the heck you are saying. They never should have let him go to the G7, because this is a disaster.

This is the reason he doesn’t want to do a joint press conference with Putin, because unfortunately, that would make the issues even more pointed and apparent. It’s bad enough as it is, and it’s really bad already.

We are in such deep, deep trouble.


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