Ron DeSantis Uses Fauci's Lab Leak Admission to Perfectly Nail Point on Folly of Deplatforming Conservatives

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On Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis held a bill signing ceremony for Florida’s new anti-Big Tech censorship bill at Florida International University in Miami.

As we previously reported, DeSantis used a predictable question from a Miami Herald reporter on if the bill was a nod to former President Trump, who was deplatformed from Twitter and Facebook after the Capitol riots, to his advantage. “I do think that’s another issue that has been brought to bear,” he stated. “When you deplatform the President of the United States but you let Ayatollah Khomeini talk about killing Jews, that is wrong.”


The popular Republican Governor also used a recent admission from President Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci on the Wuhan lab leak theory to make a larger point about the folly of Twitter and Facebook suspending and/or deplatforming a number of conservatives last year for suggesting as Fauci finally did earlier this month that the theory was plausible.

“Now we have information that this very well may have emanated from the Wuhan lab, that it was a leak from the lab,” DeSantis noted. “But you remember, when people last year were raising that as something that needed to be investigated, they were deplatformed for talking about the lab leak, they were censored for having said that, and now even Fauci admits that this may be something that may very well is the case.”

With that in mind, DeSantis asked rhetorically, “Are they going to now censor Fauci and pull him down off social media?”


Though Dr. Fauci himself isn’t on social media, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) does have official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

While getting kicked off social media or having your website dinged by Big Tech platforms for having the audacity to speculate on the lab leak theory was maddeningly frustrating enough last year, what makes it even worse is the recent inadvertent acknowledgment by the mainstream media that one of the primary reasons the MSM didn’t view the theory as credible was because Republicans like then-President Trump, Sens. Tom Cotton, Rand Paul and others were the ones raising the possibility, with Trump obviously being the most prominent among them.


Reporters at supposedly respectable media outlets and powerful people at social media websites that have the power to help shape and change narratives and viewpoints allowed their deep-seated liberal biases against Republicans to seriously cloud their judgment on discussions of critical public health matters that were entirely worthy of debate, and in the process, many conservatives were punished for simply asking questions that went against official government narratives.

Though the MSM’s liberal leanings are well known, their implied suggestion for the last 14 months that we shouldn’t question government “experts” because they supposedly know what’s best for us has been bizarre even for them. Holding government officials accountable for the things they say and thoroughly questioning and investigating the things they claim goes with the territory for journalists.

The fact that the only officials they thought were worth questioning last year were those who dared to dispute Fauci and his ilk is just further evidence that modern journalism is well and truly dead.

That point is compounded when one recalls how closely social media titans like Twitter and Facebook worked hand and hand with them to crush dissent that at the time was considered a wacko conspiracy but which is now viewed as credible simply because Fauci opened the door to it being so thanks to tenacious Senators like Cotton and Paul and websites like this one continuing to dare to raise questions on the origins of the coronavirus well after the media and Democrats pretended the issue had been put to bed.


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