Journalist Drops an Inconvenient Truth on the Liz Cheney Concern Trolls

As RedState senior editor Joe Cunningham reported earlier, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) was officially ousted from her Conference Chair role this morning after months of back and forth jousting between her camp and GOP House leaders including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as to whether Cheney should be allowed to keep her leadership position considering she’s basically turned into the Mitt Romney of the House.


Though vote tallies won’t be released, political observers speculated in recent days that it wouldn’t even be close as an increasing number of her Republican colleagues were growing frustrated with her continued obsession with litigating and relitigating Trump’s presidency and the Capitol riots in the court of public opinion.

But though the vote totals are not known, what is known is that the Usual Suspects are already lining up to proclaim in so many words that removing Cheney will cause big problems for the GOP in the 2022 midterms.

For example, here’s Punchbowl News founder/reporter Dave Sherman suggesting that supposedly giving Cheney a “massive, massive platform” will backfire on House Republicans next year:

New York Times political correspondent Jonathan Martin had a not-so-surprisingly very similar opinion:


The reality of the situation, however, is far different, as journalist and Cook Political polling analyst Dave Wasserman observed:

Wasserman (and others in the media with similar takes) is right on the money, and here’s why. As we speak, we’re in the midst of several ongoing crises, including the gas shortages, the worsening border situation, rising inflation, terrible jobs numbers, and the pandemic.

Though coronavirus case numbers are thankfully declining and even some blue states are starting to ease up on their draconian restrictions, the fallout from over a year’s worth of school and business shutdowns is going to be felt for the foreseeable future in the midst of this country (hopefully, finally) returning to some sense of normalcy.

It’s often been said that kitchen table matters are what ultimately decide elections, and Liz Cheney losing the support of her colleagues to the point she was removed from her leadership position is most certainly not a kitchen table issue that anyone beyond insulated Beltway reporters and fretting establishment politicos gives even the remotest rip about.


Not only that but as I noted yesterday conservative Republican voters will not just expect Trump-like fighters in the House to stand up for them in the coming months as President Biden works to undo the economic progress made under Trump, they will demand it. Cheney spending her time focusing on the past instead of on the Pelosi/Biden agenda is not that that person.

That’s just the inconvenient truth of the matter, no matter what Liz Cheney’s concern troll defenders in the media, on the left, and among the Never Trump right will try to tell people otherwise.

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