Liz Cheney Learns Being a Never Trumper Can Cost This Country, Big Time

It sounds like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is finally realizing that being a Never Trumper can have very bad consequences.

Well, gee, ya think? We told her so, but she didn’t listen. She was so concerned about “mean tweets” and whatever the latest media cooked up outrage against President Donald Trump was that she couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The “forest” that was clear to see: what a horrible person for our country Joe Biden would be on basic policy.


I reported earlier this month how the Chinese and the Russians are making moves now to test Biden because of the perception he is weak and unfortunately, he’s failing the test.

When Vladimir Putin massed thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine, Biden announced he would be moving two ships to the Black Sea to show we were serious about stopping an invasion of Ukraine. But then, when Putin warned the U.S. to stay away “for their own good,” Biden blinked, as we reported, backing off on sending the ships, with a senior administration official being quoted as saying they didn’t want to “escalate” with Russia.

Whether Biden gets it or not, that signaled to Putin that Biden wasn’t serious about standing up on Ukraine. Putin then moved to close the Kerch Strait, now preventing any ships including the U.S. from getting in, so we couldn’t help Ukraine that way now, even if we wanted to.

This is a basic understanding of how to deal with Russia and China. Reminder: President Donald Trump dropped bombs on the heads of a few hundred Russians so they knew we were serious when they fired near our troops. That conveyed we would defend ourselves. But Joe just doesn’t get it.


Same thing with Iran. There were tough sanctions on Iran that were working and helping the oppressed people. But Biden was set on getting back into the ridiculous Iran Deal which guarantees their path to a nuclear weapon. At the very least he could have held them to action before he lifted any sanctions. But no, again he folded like a cheap camera. Iran said we wouldn’t get back into the deal unless you drop sanctions and Biden then announced he would be dropping some.

As Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates declared, Biden’s been wrong on foreign policy for four decades. Unfortunately, now that being wrong is going to cost us at some point, big time.

Sounds like the light bulb has finally gone off over Liz Cheney’s head as to what she just bought herself with Biden, and it sounds like she isn’t liking it.


Too late to recover any reputation you might have had there, Liz. Too bad, so sad, ain’t going to work. Unfortunately, you were the one who helped put us in this predicament we are in now. You can’t crawl out of it so easily. You paid for the ride, now you’re complaining about the train wreck to come?

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