RCP's Tom Bevan Tears Into Jim Acosta After CNN Host Spreads False Narrative About Police Shootings

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When I wrote last week about how some of the anchors at CNN, including Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, were showing a surprising sense of responsibility and restraint on the officer-involved shooting death of Ma’Khia Bryant, I also noted that I knew the sentiment was unlikely to last long at the network.


The reason is that CNN, more so than even the unhinged cast at MSNBC, is in the “panic porn” business and just cannot resist the urge to further fan the flames and stir up division because they think it somehow helps them in the ratings wars (reality check: it doesn’t).

Sadly, it didn’t take long for them to prove my point. Just a few short days later after Lemon and Cuomo argued in defense of the Columbus, Ohio police officer who made the call to use lethal force against Bryant, CNN’s resident performative journalist Jim Acosta used his platform as a weekend host to throw gasoline on the fire by stating there had been a “rash” of shootings by police officers against black citizens last week (bolded emphasis added):

As the nation grapples with a rash of police killings of black Americans, many of them happening the same week former officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd, one of the most prominent Republican lawmakers, Senator Lindsey Graham is denying the U.S. has a problem with race. One of the reasons why, because this country, he says, had a black president.”

But where were Jim Acosta’s receipts on this? We don’t know, because he didn’t share them — not on his program, nor on the Twitter machine even after being called out by Real Clear Politics co-founder and president Tom Bevan, who ripped Acosta a new one in a must-read thread earlier today for spreading a narrative about police shootings that he couldn’t back up. And unlike Acosta, Bevan had the goods to counter the “rash of police killings against black people” claim:


When it comes to Jim Acosta, “willingly misled his viewers” is the answer every time.

Bevan continued on:


A couple of hours later and after not receiving a response from the normally boastful Acosta, Bevan chimed in again to get his definition for what “rash” means:

And though this should be one of the biggest media-related stories on social media today, so-called “media experts” like CNN’s Brian Stelter, his sidekick Oliver Darcy, and others are ignoring it. What ARE they focused on, though? The fact that Fox News walked back a story about Biden supposedly proposing the country eat less red meat in an effort to battle climate change:


Gotta love the priorities here. If it’s a misleading story that hurts Biden, it must be corrected/retracted immediately. But if it’s a fake story that further (and needlessly) inflames racial tensions and fuels animosity towards law enforcement, it’s ok because of left-wing narratives and whatnot.

Disgusting, really, but I do not expect any better out of these people. It’s just who they are.

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