Progressive Writer Drops Facts, Absolutely Nails Media for False Narratives on Columbus Shooting

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I have to admit, after reading about the surprisingly responsible discussion between CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo last night on the officer-involved shooting death of Ma’Khia Bryant, I was not expecting to see another similarly powerful rant from someone on the left who tried to cut through the media bull and drop facts inconvenient to the various false narratives that are circulating.


But that is indeed what happened. Progressive writer Zaid Jilani, who is no stranger to annoying the left (including media leftists) although he happens to be one of them, took to the Twitter machine yesterday to write a blisteringly spot-on critique of the absolutely shameless, incendiary tactics the left/mainstream media were utilizing in spinning the tall tales they were about the Bryant case.

In his rant, Jilani said that the “news media can’t report honestly about violent crime because it doesn’t recognize it as a thing that exists and impacts the lives of ordinary people.” In other words, if it’s not a violent situation they can use to advance “woke” narratives, they aren’t interested.

Jilani also noted that a very similar case involving two African-American teenage girls in Ohio from just the day before the Bryant shooting got little to no national media attention because police weren’t involved. It was a case involving a 13-year-old girl who stabbed another 13-year-old girl to death.

He concluded by stating that in cases like Bryant’s, the media were not simply reporting on them because they involved a loss of life. They were exploiting the tragedies to advance a narrative and to “promote division.” That is, he correctly pointed out, not journalism and is certainly not good at all for this country.

Read his full remarks below:


As I said earlier today, the debate around officer-involved deaths in this country has got to cool down, the rhetoric less heated and accusatorial. Because not only do bad decisions oftentimes stem from the inflammatory rhetoric, but those decisions can have the disastrous effect of leaving vulnerable communities even more unsafe and also leaving officers (and potential recruits) demoralized.


That exact situation has played out with precision in Minneapolis, which saw a 21% rise in violent crime last year – with much of it occurring after the death of George Floyd.

If there is finally going to be an “awakening” among leftists in American newsrooms as to the incredibly dangerous path they’re headed down in routinely gaslighting anti-police riots and failing to judge each officer-involved shooting incident individually, I’m all for it. Because the dialogue simply must be elevated on these issues before we get too far gone to be able to reverse the damage that has already been done.

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