CNN Ratings Serve Up a Little Mashed Tater for All to Enjoy

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Now, we have to admit to a little fondness for ragging on one of our favorites over at CNN, Brian Stelter.

It is, after all, such a sorry sort of a life to just spend your days trying to find something to complain about on Fox.


There are a lot of other media out there and a lot of other stories that Stelter’s show, “Reliable Sources,” could be looking into. Such as covering his own CNN colleagues being attacked and chased by BLM activists in Brooklyn Center. Somehow he missed that on his show until four days after it happened, and then he downplayed it with a “right wing pounces” take. “This was a story that went viral in right-wing media. Frankly, they claim CNN was covering it up, which is ridiculous,” he downplayed.

Of course, if Stelter broke his focus on Fox, that would mean that he would actually have to act like a journalist and do the job he claims to be doing. Not operating as a de facto Democratic operative. He would have had to admit things weren’t “mostly peaceful” and that would have broken the narrative.

Project Veritas nailed him at the CNN building, asking him about their exposé on CNN but Brian got hilariously huffy, refusing to talk to the reporter about it and called a staffer to remove the reporter.

It’s likely that singular focus on Fox that’s tanking him in the ratings. Not that he understands that, however.

The ratings are out and it looks like Brian’s show just got mashed up big time.

“Reliable Sources” cratered for another yearly low on Sunday, according to Fox News (focus on this, Brian), averaging only 885,000 viewers for its least-watched episode of 2021. He hasn’t even hit a million for five of his past six shows. He also took a huge hit in the key demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging only 178,000 viewers from that group. He’s dropping like a stone, by nine percent in that demo from last week and a massive 72 percent drop since Jan. 10.


Meanwhile, Fox is just stomping all over him, with Stelter’s direct competition, “Media Buzz,” averaging 1.3 million total viewers to defeat “Reliable Sources” by 47 percent. “MediaBuzz” also trounced Brian by 32 percent in the 25-54 demographic.

As we previously reported, it’s not just Stelter’s show, all of CNN has taken a huge dive now that they can no longer trade off of hating on President Donald Trump. As we wrote last week, Chris Cuomo’s show is also in the dumper, as Fox’s Gutfeld show soars.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving network and a more deserving guy than Brian.


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