Ted Cruz Just Levels Chris Cuomo After CNN Anchor Tries a 'Trust the Science' Lecture on Him

If there’s one thing nobody in this country needs, it’s a lecture from hypocritical CNN “Prime Time” anchor Chris Cuomo on trusting the science as it relates to mask-wearing, getting the coronavirus vaccine, and ways the country can get back to normal.


Unfortunately, Cuomo himself doesn’t see things that way, which is why on Thursday night he proceeded to scold Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Rand Paul (KY) for not wearing masks at the Capitol. While Paul’s decision not to mask up at all times was made months ago, Cruz’s was recent. He told CNN when asked about it that “everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated. CDC has said in small groups, particularly with people who were vaccinated, don’t need to wear masks.”

Cruz citing CDC guidelines was not good enough for Cuomo who – despite the fact that he was caught maskless numerous times last year, which went against the recommendations of the CDC and his governor brother Andrew Cuomo – proceeded to scold Cruz and Paul for not trusting the science or something:

So, that’s why it is baffling when you have people like Senator Ted Cruz joining Rand Paul in ditching his mask as they walk the halls of Congress. Cruz explains: “At this point, I’ve been vaccinated. Everybody working in the senate has been vaccinated.” No, not your staff. Not a lot of people in the media. They haven’t gotten it and the current CDC guidelines states very clearly that if you’re vaccinated, you got to still keep taking precautions like wearing a mask. You can still get sick, you won’t be as sick but you could give it to somebody else.

So, he’s not just wrong but he’s doing it for the wrong reason and he knows experts are still learning how vaccines affect COVID spread. We know this. We know it’s not 100 percent. The latest CDC data makes it all very clear, all right? 5,800 people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID have gotten infected anyway. Look, it’s nothing, it’s a little fraction of tens of millions who were already vaccinated but the only way to keep the number down is to listen to science. They all know it. They’re just playing politics, and people are dying. We now have a President, though, who believes in science.


Cuomo’s touting the CDC’s guidance on the coronavirus was especially fascinating considering he himself, in addition to the maskless instances, did not trust the science enough to stay quarantined in his basement last year after he came down with the virus.


When Cruz got wind of Cuomo’s rant, he responded accordingly – not by bringing up the two-faced anchor’s mask and quarantine violations but by reminding him of how his brother Gov. Cuomo didn’t trust the science enough to protect senior citizens in nursing homes from COVID, which Cruz also noted CNN won’t report:

Ouch! That one’s gonna leave a big mark, especially considering how CNN announced a couple of months ago that their unwritten rule forbidding Chris Cuomo from reporting on or interviewing his brother was conveniently back in place in the midst of the various Andrew Cuomo scandals, including the nursing home scandal and the allegations of sexual harassment and assault.


That means little brother Chris can’t respond directly to Cruz’s dunk on air because it would risk bringing up a super-sensitive topic that his employer doesn’t want anyone at the network to talk about, much less the anchor who has a penchant for opening his mouth and inserting his foot.

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