THE IRONY: Perkins Coie's Mark Elias Is Arguing Voting Machines Caused NY Democrat to Lose Last Undecided Congressional Race

(Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

Perkins Coie law firm’s superstar lawyer Marc Elias is currently trying to flip the results in the last undecided Congressional District race, New York District 22, and he’s resorted to a tactic that should enrage conservatives that have spent the last several months being vilified for seeking a debate about the integrity of the 2020 general election: he’s arguing that voting machines may have misread votes.


The official results in NY 22 are being delayed another week as Elias – a major player in the Russia collusion hoax as a member of the law firm that hired Fusion GPS, which in turn gave the world the debunked and disgraceful Steele dossier – tries a last-ditch, hail mary effort to help Democrat Anthony Brindisi hold onto the seat he’s likely already lost to Republican Claudia Tenney by 122 votes.

Today’s hearing was supposed to be the last in court. All eight counties that comprise the district were supposed to certify their results by the end of the day Tuesday, then send it for one final certification to the state Board of Elections.

However, Brindisi’s legal team at noon filed a motion asking the judge to order a temporary halt to the certification, on two grounds.

First, they argued, there has been a small but potentially impactful discrepancy between votes tabulated by voting machines and votes counted by hand. In a written motion, they said voting machines had missed nine votes of 1,127 ballots reviewed recently in Oneida County. The discrepancy appeared to affect Brindisi more than Tenney, they argued.

If that error rate — 0.8% — is extrapolated to all of the votes cast in Oneida County, they argued, 800 votes might have been missed. And, because they have no indication that other counties used different voting machines, as many as 2,500 votes might have been missed, they said.


Elias, it should be noted, is in familiar territory. He’s long been the first lawyer Democrats call when election results need to be challenged, as the video below shows:

If Elias’ attempts to use faulty voting machines as an excuse to keep delaying the Republican win in NY 22 doesn’t infuriate Republicans – who have argued for months that there may have been similar problems in the general election and were accused of all manner of horrible behavior for the suggestion – then they haven’t been paying attention.

This is a proud finger in the eye from Elias, and he won’t be excoriated in the press for trying it.


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