More Stealing Elections: Iowa Dem Trying to Get House to Overturn Election She Lost, Declare Her the Winner

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Democrats have excoriated President Donald Trump for pursuing his constitutional legal challenges after all kinds of irregularities in the election. “An attack on democracy!” Democrats have screamed.


On the contrary, it’s exactly the recourse he is afforded according to the process.

Yet, while Democrats have attacked Trump, they’re pretty silent when it comes to condemning Democrat Rita Hart’s effort to overturn her election defeat in Iowa’s Second District.

According to Townhall, in Hart’s case, she didn’t challenge the result in a court of law, like Trump. She didn’t legally allege any irregularities in the count. The original count and the recount supported that the Republican Mariennette Miller-Meeks won by six votes and she was certified the winner by the state.

But now, Hart is asking the House of Representatives to decide the election and overturn the certified result, to get the “result we need.”


Notice even how the Politico reporter phrases it: “trailing.”

Hart is claiming that there were 22 ballots that were improperly excluded and that other ballots weren’t examined in the recount. But she never raised a challenge to the recount. She said that she wouldn’t raise the issue in the courts, claiming “state law would have required a contest to be decided within days and did not allow for adequate time to examine thousands of ballots.”

In reality, she likely knew she would lose and decided to bypass that route to a more sure thing: having the Democrats in the House simply declaring her the winner.

Needless to say, folks in Iowa are more than a bit peeved with her over it.


According to Townhall, local newspapers are also chastising Hart, even those who previously endorsed her.

So even if she manages to steal the election, local Iowans are going to look askance at her and the Democrats.

So what were Democrats saying on the issue? Democratic House Rep. Cindy Axne, the one Iowa Democrat in the House, issued a statement indicating she was supportive of this effort to steal the election. So, the Democratic hypocrisy is out in the open. Why isn’t this an “attack on democracy?”


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