White House Releases Official Excuse for Joe Biden's Fall, Prepare to Have Your Intelligence Insulted

White House Releases Official Excuse for Joe Biden's Fall, Prepare to Have Your Intelligence Insulted

As we reported earlier, President Joe Biden took several tumbles while walking up the steps to Air Force One earlier today.

Videos that circulated on social media of the incidents showed Biden fall to the steps at least three different times in the course of a few seconds, as he attempted to board the plane for a trip to Atlanta. For those who missed it, watch what happened below (from two different angles):


In the immediate aftermath of the fall, White House comms director Kate Bedingfield said it was merely a “misstep” and that the President was “just fine”:

But as usual with this administration, the messages sent from the Biden comms team did not mesh. Here is the laughably absurd excuse given by another Biden spox – White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre – to reporters while aboard Air Force One:

As evidence, CNN obtained exclusive video of Biden fighting the wind just prior to beginning his trip up the stairs:

And here you thought CNN would avoid covering it, unlike how they did more minor incidents with Trump.

But seriously, this is insulting to our intelligence. The wind blew him over three times? Get outta here with that BS.

Why not just say he’s human and tripped, like has happened to pretty much every other person on the planet? That is, unless there’s another issue at play they’re keeping from us.

Most of us have walked in the wind and, outside of maybe a hurricane, we’ve all been able to stay on our feet. Saying that Joe Biden fell because the wind blew him over is about as truthful of a statement as me claiming to be Charlize Theron.

Maybe the real reason they’re spinning why he fell is because they’re aware of why he really took those tumbles in the first place:

Was it Putin … or was it Trump? Because we heard a rumor that — well, you’ll just have to wait for a report coming from my colleague Nick Arama a bit later tonight on that front.

Stay tuned! 😉

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