Chris Cuomo Lectures Texas Mayor on 'Becoming a Better Leader' in a Crisis, the Responses Were Brutal

Chris Cuomo Lectures Texas Mayor on 'Becoming a Better Leader' in a Crisis, the Responses Were Brutal
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Of all the sanctimonious Andrew Cuomo apologists at CNN (and it is a very long list) who should think before they speak when it comes to giving lectures to political figures on how to effectively manage a crisis, their “Prime Time” anchor Chris Cuomo ranks at the very tippy-top of the list.

We’re a year into the Wuhan virus pandemic in this country, and for roughly ten months out of that, Gov. Cuomo’s little brother Chris has been the “Luv Guv’s” biggest, most faithful media cheerleader. With the full and apparently unconditional permission of his bosses at CNN, Chris Cuomo was allowed to conduct “interviews” with his big bro in the first few months of the deadly crisis that came off more like something you’d see on the pages of Teen Vogue or “E!” magazine rather than on a major news network.

He did so even in the midst of the brutal toll it was taking on his home state and in its nursing homes. Exhibit A:

And when he wasn’t yucking it up with his celebrity governor brother, he was busy providing cover for the Governor’s disastrous handling of the crisis by painting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the true villain of the pandemic, even though DeSantis was (and still is) managing his state far more effectively than Gov. Cuomo.

Exhibit B:

So with all of that in mind, it was rather comical (but not in a genuinely funny way) to see CNN’s resident tough guy try giving some leadership advice to a Texas mayor who found himself in the hot seat earlier this week over comments he made to residents over complaints about power outages:

Here was Cuomo’s response:

Understandably, his tweet was ratio’d big time:

The responses to it were just flat brutal:

While Chris Cuomo should have that same talk with his brother Andrew, that conversation is unlikely to occur – at least not in public – because CNN made it known earlier this week that in contrast to how for most of last year they waived their rule prohibiting him from interviewing his brother, that rule is now back in place and in full effect – even in the midst of talk from Republican and Democrat lawmakers in NY of impeachment over his nursing home actions and numerous deceptions.

How convenient.

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