PBS 'Journalist' Yamiche Rushes to Defend Nikole Hannah-Jones, Gets a Rude Awakening in the Process

PBS 'Journalist' Yamiche Rushes to Defend Nikole Hannah-Jones, Gets a Rude Awakening in the Process
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As we’ve previously reported, PBS News Hour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor all but literally dropped her “non-partisan journalist” act long ago.

Among other things, she was repeatedly called out for her gotcha-style liberally biased “reporting” and performance journalism during Trump administration White House press briefings, and for flat-out altering quotes from Trump to deliberately make it look like he said something he didn’t.

After the media projected Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election, Alcindor predictably pivoted to being a mouthpiece for the incoming Democrat presidential administration, asking “questions” of Biden like “And what did you say to Americans, especially immigrant Americans who came to the United States, looking for political stability and are seeing all the things that the President is doing?”

The latest example of Alcindor demonstrating her left-wing activism under the thin guise of being an “objective” reporter came on Monday in response to a tweet from disgraced 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones. As my colleague Jeff Charles reported last week, Hannah-Jones has been under fire after the unprofessional conduct she displayed towards a Free Beacon reporter (Aaron Sibarium) who contacted her for comment on the Don McNeil “n-word” controversy. In short, Hannah-Jones doxxed him.

In response, Hannah-Jones has faced a wave of criticism, and also says she has been subjected to vile sexist and racist comments in the aftermath. On Twitter Saturday, Hannah-Jones announced she’d be taking a break from the Twitter machine, proclaiming to her critics that they’ve “won”:

Alcindor’s response to Hannah-Jones tweet was to (again) declare her a “national treasure”, and to state that her critics will “never win. Never”:

Though, as noted earlier, Alcindor dropped all pretense of being a neutral media figure long ago, she still gets treated as such by her followers and other reporters. Her critics were quick to remind her of a few things, not just about herself but about the woman she frequently defends:

As was correctly pointed out by others, the 1619 Project is in fact not a “national treasure” and has been roundly criticized and discredited by respected historians as being a deeply flawed body of work on American history. Bizarrely, Hannah-Jones was awarded a Pulitzer prize in May 2019 despite the many historical inaccuracies in her work on how the basis for the American Revolution was allegedly about preserving slavery.

While Hannah-Jones should not be subjected to vile comments and threats, she also should not be tweeting out the private phone numbers of reporters seeking comments from her as a way to try and publicly shame them. And while Alcindor is entitled to her own opinion about her own (biased) work as that of Hannah-Jones, she is – as the old saying goes – most definitely not entitled to her own set of “facts.”

As to Alcindor’s claim that Hannah-Jones critics will “never win”, I’d say Hannah-Jones was doing a solid job discrediting herself, and that very little help from her critics is needed. Yes, her critics exposed her early on after the 1619 Project debuted, but – like Alcindor’s “reporting” – Hannah-Jones has done herself no favors on the PR front whatsoever. They can both blame critics all they want to, but the actual proof, as has often been said, is in the pudding.

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