New York Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones Gets Pilloried for ‘Doxxing’ Conservative Journalist

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New York Times magazine activist Nikole Hannah-Jones posted on Twitter the personal contact information of a reporter who was asking her for comment about the newspaper’s latest internal drama involving a reporter who used the n-word. It appears that Hannah-Jones believes that doxxing is an appropriate response to dealing with criticism from those who have disagreements with her conduct.


Fox News reported:

Hannah-Jones tweeted out an email from Washington Free Beacon associate editor Aaron Sibarium on Saturday that included his phone number. Sibarium contacted Hannah-Jones about tweets where she used the “n-word,” in spite of the newspaper’s own, apparently shifting guidelines against ever using such racially charged language, regardless of context.

The New York Times media activist’s tweet showed an image of Sibarium’s email, which included his phone number. After tweeting it to her 518,000 followers, she left it up on her account for all to see before deleting it about 24 hours later. This practice, known as “doxxing,” violates Twitter’s terms of service. However, the company has not taken any action against Hannah-Jones for revealing Sibarium’s personal contact information.

“@aaronsibarium is apparently trying to scour Black NYT employees Twitter accounts to find them using the N-word in response to Don McNeil’s resignation, which is asinine on its face but also, homie, I don’t use the N-word causually [sic] so this is all he came up with. Keep trying tho,” she tweeted.


Hannah-Jones removed the tweet after the Free Beacon called her out on it. A spokesperson for the Times told the news outlet that her posting of Sibarium’s phone number was accidental. They also mentioned that they have some prime beachfront property in New Hampshire for sale as well.

Sibarium told Fox that he did not receive any overt threats. However, he did receive 20 messages and calls after Hannah-Jones doxxed him, one of which called him a “racist piece of s—t.”

“The conduct speaks for itself,” Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Eliana Johnson told Fox News.

Sibarium’s story detailed a debate over the firing of reporter Donald McNeil Jr.

From Fox News:

Sibarium’s story focused mainly on a private Facebook group for current and former New York Times staffers, where they fiercely debated the recent resignation of science reporter Donald McNeil, Jr.

McNeil was forced out nearly two years after an incident in Peru where he used the “n-word,” albeit while responding to a teenager inquiring whether a student should have been suspended for saying it.

The report showed that former and current New York Times employees were divided over McNeil’s firing with many considering his offense to be mild.


Doxxing is a favorite tactic among members of the far-left. It is commonly used to send a message to anyone who might oppose them. Members of the activist media have used doxxing against people who were perceived to have worked against the so-called progressive agenda. Amid a nationwide debate over rhetoric and its ability to incite violence, leftists do not seem bothered by Hannah-Jones’ actions, which could have easily led to a worse outcome for Sibarium. But, as we already know, being a far-leftist means never having to apologize for one’s actions.


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