PBS' Yamiche Alcindor Shares a ‘Democrats Say’ Moment, and It’s Everything Wrong With D.C.

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Yamiche Alcindor is a piece of work. After being a relatively obscure “journalist” prior to Donald Trump gaining power, she made a note to start fights and generally grandstand the last four years. That and a healthy dose of cable news hits raised her profile enough to produce a book deal. Because are you a real journalist if you don’t write about your struggles and opinions in long-form?


Alcindor has been the topic of many articles here at RedState over the years, often embarrassing herself with takes so ridiculous and/or biased that it’s sometimes hard to believe that even PBS will employ her. But like many in her generation of journalists, she believes the news reported through her “experience” is more worthwhile than just reporting facts, you know, like a journalist is supposed to do.

Today, Alcindor may have topped herself though, sharing one of the dumbest “Democrats say” moments you’ll ever hear while simultaneously exposing a much bigger, more insidious fact about our D.C. establishment.


She’s speaking about the coming appointments of figures like Jake Sullivan to NSA and Antony Blinken to Secretary of State. You see, in the media’s eyes, these are the real “adults in the room.” It doesn’t matter that they’ve been so thoroughly wrong about almost every consequential foreign policy issue in the last two decades. Failing up is the way of the world in Washington D.C.

Of course, perhaps someone should ask exactly what “craziness” these “superheroes” are saving us from? Is having no new wars really that bad? I thought that was a pretty nice thing, but maybe I’ve got it all wrong. I also figured that a major shift towards peace in the Middle East via Israeli-Arab alliances was also something to be thankful for. Oddly, Alcindor seems eager to promote a return of the status quo, which included turning Libya into a slave market and costing half a million people their lives in Syria. That’s real “adult in the room” stuff, I suppose.

That’s the real gross part about all this. The media and D.C. establishment are celebrating a return to death and despair via our foreign policy not because that is logically the best outcome, but because they will quite literally support anything that feeds their partisan wants. If that means a few new wars, so be it.


A Biden administration is going to be an absolute disaster. It’d be nice to have a news media that actually attempted to hold him to account. Unfortunately, all we have are people like Yamiche Alcindor filling the journalistic ranks.

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