Lincoln Project Reaches for the Stupid Again in Latest Attack on Melania Trump

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

Early this morning, First Lady Melania Trump posted a statement to the White House website titled “Our Path Forward” in which she condemned the Capitol riot, and urged people to focus on common ground. She also slammed what she described as “unwarranted personal attacks” against her in the aftermath of the riot, presumably referencing the allegation that she was “overseeing a photoshoot of rugs” at the time of the Capitol storming.


Because the Never Trump grifters at the Democrat-funded Lincoln Project stay in stuck on stupid mode 24-7, co-founder Steve Schmidt decided this morning would also be a good time to launch another ridiculously petty attack on her, because why not?

It all started when unhinged anti-Trump “presidential historian” Michael Beschloss asked if anyone had seen the First Lady recently:

Joy Reid, an evening talk show host on the far-left “news” network MSNBC, then chimed in by repeating the allegation that Mrs. Trump was at a photoshoot for Executive Residence rugs as the Capitol building was being breached:

It was not long after that when Schmidt replied with a bizarre mini-rant about how she had supposedly “destroyed the Rose Garden in the name of her vanity”:


Except “vanity” had nothing to do with it:

For those interested, here’s what Mrs. Trump’s redesign of the Rose Garden looked like when it was unveiled back in August:

I would also like to step in here and point out how it’s rather rich of Schmidt to be spending time trying to paint Melania Trump as a vapid woman whose priorities are messed up when you consider that one of the Lincoln Project’s other co-founders (John Weaver) has just been accused by multiple young men of attempting to groom them for sex.


It would seem that Mr. Schmidt has much more pressing issues to address this week than his disgust with First Lady Melania Trump’s redesign of the Rose Garden.

Just sayin’.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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