CNN's Jake Tapper Tries Subtweeting Nancy Mace About Capitol Riots, It Doesn't Go Very Well

CNN's Jake Tapper Tries Subtweeting Nancy Mace About Capitol Riots, It Doesn't Go Very Well
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As we previously reported, freshman Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) took exception to certain parts of the story the mainstream media and her colleague Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) dramatically told earlier this week during an Instagram Live chat about her experiences during the Capitol riots.

In response, Mace has found herself in the midst of unfounded and unhinged attacks from AOC and her troll army in their dispute over the “Squad” leader’s questionable recounting. Other Squad members have also swooped in to try and dunk on Mace, but she’s handled them all without breaking much of a sweat.

Naturally, when a Democrat is in the hot seat it’s not just their colleagues who will have their backs. The mainstream media can be relied on in every instance to try and discredit their Republican critics, usually by proclaiming there is only one “official” version of a story that is to be believed, and all others should be considered “lies” or “whitewashing” or “conspiracy theories.”

CNN’s “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper is one of the many so-called “journalists” who have rushed to AOC’s defense this week, particularly after Mace refused to back down in the face of the barrage of attacks from AOC’s obedient acolytes. Tapper, who considers himself a Journalist™ among journalists, took the opportunity yesterday to double down on allegations “MAGA-allied officials” were “whitewashing” what happened at the Capitol last month because “Liars lie. It’s what they do”:

Leaving aside the fact that it is outright laughable that a guy like Tapper thinks he has any standing to lecture others about alleged lies, the discerning reader will note that he didn’t bother tagging Mace, who he was clearly subtweeting in his predictably snide way.

It’s rather fascinating when you consider that just a few days ago he could not sing Mace’s praises high enough:

Tapper’s swipe about Republicans allegedly claiming the Capitol riots were no big deal was also especially interesting when one pauses to think back on how he was a very real and active participant in CNN’s gaslighting of last year’s violent and deadly Antifa/Black Lives Matter-led riots:

Let’s break things down here: Both Nancy Mace and AOC were in the Cannon House Office building when the riots happened. Mace has her versions of events, and AOC has hers. Parts of their respective stories are the same but other parts are different. They both said they were frightened, but Mace clarified that there were no actual insurrectionists in the building. Because Mace dared to point out that inconvenient fact, she’s now a “liar” according to Tapper when just days ago she was a model of what a Republican should act like in Tapper’s eyes.

Why the sudden change? Not surprisingly, it all boils down to politics. Tapper was once a spokesman for a former Democratic Congresswoman as well as a writer at the rabidly left-wing Salon website. Sadly, I guess, old habits like throwing your credibility out the window and spinning like a top to cover for your Democratic bosses die hard.

If Jake Tapper really wanted to scold anyone for “whitewashing” and pretending a violent event wasn’t that big of a deal, he’d spend a lot more time taking long, hard looks in the mirror (and at his colleagues) and a lot less time cranking out childish subtweets that make him look incredibly foolish.

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