AOC Claimed She Had a Near Death Experience at the Capitol, but the Real Story Is Mind-Blowing

Greg Nash/Pool via AP

While the mainstream media incessantly focus on Marjorie Taylor Greene, a freshman backbencher with no real role in the Republican Party at all, far more insidious figures continue to prance around at the upper levels of influence without an eye being batted. One of those people is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the de facto thought leader of the Democrat Party. This is a woman so elevated by her party’s leadership that Nancy Pelosi appeared on magazine covers with her.


The vileness and manipulation with which AOC operates is a sight to behold. She also happens to be a conspiratorial nut-job as bad as any Qanon believer. She just believes the “right” conspiracies and she’s woke, though, so she’s treated as legitimate.

Last night, she took to Instagram to give her account of the Jan. 6th riot at the Capitol. Previously, she had claimed Ted Cruz and others had attempted to have her “murdered” on that day. She extrapolated on the claim, presenting herself as having a near-death experience.

But it’s the real story that is so mind-blowing, at least in comparison to the manipulative framing she tries to put it in. Take a look at what she was actually construing as “almost losing her life” the last few weeks.

There was a period where rumors were floating around that AOC’s office had been breached by a rioter who had entered the Capitol. Some thirsty blue checkmarks on Twitter even spread the idea as yet another denouncement of Trump’s rhetoric. This was all supposed to prove just how much danger AOC was truly in. In reality, it was a Capitol Police officer checking on her and her staff and trying to move them to another building. That’s who she’s been demonizing all this time.


It gets worse, though. Instead of being thankful for someone being there to protect her if needed, she suspected that the officer was actually there to hurt her.

The fact that this woman’s first thought goes to some conspiracy theory nonsense that the police are actually there to attack her is astonishing. Of course, AOC isn’t new to this kind of stuff. She once spread a still unproven allegation that Border Patrol agents harassed her while she was visiting a detention facility. In other words, she has a long history of making things up to fit her desired political narratives.

Imagine a Republican trashing the Capitol Police in this way? You think that might be a bigger story? AOC is a delusional, crazy person. This is not a woman who should be anywhere near a House committee. Yet, the press and establishment Republicans are preoccupied with old, deranged Facebook postings by Greene. See the double standard here? If we are going to call being a conspiratorial nut-job disqualifying, AOC should be at the front of that line.




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