'Disgusting': Janice Dean Reveals How the Media Are *Still* Trying to Protect Andrew Cuomo

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Finally, at long last, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s judgment day in the eyes of the public for the way he grossly mismanaged the Wuhan virus pandemic in New York has finally arrived.


Thanks to a report from a surprising source – NY’s Democratic Attorney General Letitia James – on how the number of nursing home deaths could be as much as 50% higher than previously reported (the current number stands at 8,711), New Yorkers and people across the country who have been fed a steady stream of misinformation and lies from Cuomo’s apologists in the press are learning what conservative new media outlets have been saying all along about the so-called Luv Gov’s dictatorial attitude and Emmy-winning “leadership.”

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean has long been the face of those in New York whose families suffered unspeakable heartbreak after Cuomo’s deadly order mandating nursing homes and assisted living facilities accept COVID-positive patients went into effect in late March 2020. Dean lost both of her in-laws to the coronavirus in the aftermath of Cuomo’s decision, and she has kept the pressure on for months to hold him and his administration responsible for what happened to her family members and others.

But even though Dean and the grieving family members she spoke up for are feeling a calming sense of relief that the media’s favorite pandemic governor is finally getting his just deserts, they know their work is not done because even now – after even sources normally friendly to Cuomo are spilling the truth as we speak – some in the mainstream media are still trying to protect him.


Case in point, NBC News who – according to tweets from Dean posted this morning – tried to get the family member of a friend of hers who also lost a loved one in a nursing home to say “New York failed us” instead of “Andrew Cuomo failed us” during a recent interview:

Dean did not mince words:

Sadly, NBC News is not the only news network still trying to carry Gov. Cuomo’s water. ABC News has pretended the story doesn’t even exist:

And “news” outlets like CNN, who was at the forefront of perpetuating the myth of Andrew Cuomo the Great Leader, are already whining about how much coverage the networks who are covering this story are giving it.


Networks like CNN quite literally have a vested interest in continuing to fraudulently prop up Andrew Cuomo as the magnificent leader who led his state through the pandemic. Apparently, they’ve decided that going down with the sinking ship is preferable to admitting the truth about how they spent the last 10 months or so not covering Cuomo but instead covering up for him while making Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and President Trump the fall guys for Cuomo’s disastrous failures.

The truth is revealing itself in big ways, but as Dean noted, the mission to fully and completely expose Andrew Cuomo for the rotten “leader” he has been is not over, and won’t be for as long as his apologists in the press keep doing what they’re doing.

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