Janice Dean Gives Max Boot the Boot in Heated Exchange Over Gov. Cuomo's Alleged Magnificent Leadership

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Janice Dean attends a screening of “A Lifetime of Sundays” at The Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)


So it looks like Washington Post columnist Max Boot has decided to compete with his Never Trump WaPo colleague Jennifer Rubin to see who can be the bigger Andrew Cuomo fangirl/guy/person.

Rubin, you may recall, has frequently gushed over what she describes as Gov. Cuomo’s alleged “science“-based approach to managing the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak – in spite of vast amounts of documented evidence to the contrary.

Boot also praised Cuomo’s alleged leadership during the crisis in a column this week, declaring that while the Democratic governor “made his share of blunders”, he “got the big things right”:

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who has been an outspoken advocate of holding Cuomo accountable for what she believes is his role in the coronavirus deaths of her in-laws because of his disastrous nursing home policy, took issue with Boot brushing off Cuomo’s deadly mistakes as mere “blunders”:


In response, Boot played the whataboutism game because apparently he had no defense to give for his own column:

Dean zapped back, correctly pointing out that Trump had nothing to do with Cuomo’s March 25th executive order forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients:

Boot then trotted out the “Fox News” card because of course he did:


Dean, however, persisted – and got the last word:

Dean blasted Rubin as well recently for her ridiculous defenses of Cuomo.

In addition to being a Washington Post columnist, Boot is also a CNN analyst and an apologist for deceased terrorist mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which tells us all we need to know about Max Boot’s opinions on things.

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