WATCH: Janice Dean's Emotional Reaction to the News of Report that NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Numbers

WATCH: Janice Dean's Emotional Reaction to the News of Report that NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Numbers
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My colleague Nick Arama reported on the bombshell news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and State health officials underreported COVID-19 deaths linked to nursing homes by as much as 50 percent:

“We’ve been talking since last year about how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been lying and covering up the nursing home death scandal, minimizing it greatly.

“We pointed to the great work at the Daily Caller and the New York Post that called out the cover-up early on.

“Now people in authority in New York have finally caught up to the facts.

“The Attorney General Letitia James (a rabid Democrat who ran on the explicit promise of trying to get President Donald Trump) just dropped a very damning report on Cuomo.

“Cuomo’s administration had been refusing to turn over nursing home death information that people have been asking for and trying to get since last year.

“Now James is saying the actual count of deaths might be as much as 50% higher than Cuomo and the state were claiming.

“The official nursing home count right now is 8,711 but this news could push it to more than 13,000 based on the report’s survey of 62 nursing homes that found there was an undercount by an average of 56 percent.”

No one is more heartened by this news than Janice Dean, Fox News senior meteorologist, and a vocal critic of Cuomo for his lying, posturing, and gloating in the midst of his exceptionally poor handling of the pandemic. Dean lost her in-laws because of Cuomo’s incompetence and has done tremendous work to keep this at the forefront of news, despite legacy media and the Left’s attempts to burnish Cuomo’s credentials and diminish his failures. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences even went as far to give him an Emmy Award!

Cuomo and others took great strides to dismiss her allegations and to marginalize her voice.

Dean appeared on Harris Faulkner’s new show, “The Faulkner Focus” and reacted to the NY Attorney General report.

“Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean was emotional Thursday as she reacted to a report that New York state health officials underreported coronavirus deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50 percent, saying perhaps some “justice” might finally come for Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“Dean has been one of the Democrat governor’s sharpest media critics over his handling of the pandemic, particularly over his decision in March to order nursing homes to accept patients who were positive for COVID-19. Both of her in-laws died in New York nursing homes from coronavirus last year.

” ‘When I saw the report and knew it was coming probably an hour before it was released, I called my husband and I called my sister-in-law, and I said that maybe the angels won. Maybe the angels will have their day in court and maybe this governor will be held accountable,’ a tearful Dean said.”


Because of Dean’s message clarity and global reach, there has even been speculation that she might run against Cuomo in 2022.

Grabien Media’s Tom Elliott documented on his Twitter timeline all of Governor Cuomo’s incompetent actions and denial of wrongdoing, from the beginning of the pandemic until the NY AG report. Very much worth the read.



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