Ted Cruz Expertly Trolls Chris Cillizza After Latest CNN Spin on Andrew Cuomo Nursing Home Story

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As RedState deputy managing editor Jen Van Laar wrote this morning, CNN’s Chris Cillizza filed the network’s obligatory “report” on NY Democratic Attorney General Letitia James’ announcement yesterday on how the number of nursing home deaths in the state could be as much as 50% higher than had been previously reported. James partially attributed that to the state changing the way it calculated nursing home deaths roughly a month after Cuomo’s deadly nursing home mandate went into effect.


The headline of his piece stated “Andrew Cuomo’s Covid-19 performance may have been less stellar than it seemed” while the promo Cillizza wrote in one tweet about the story read “The Andrew Cuomo Covid-19 story took a major hit today.”

As readers of this site know at this point, Cillizza’s teaser should have said something more like “CNN’s Andrew Cuomo Covid-19 story took a major hit today” – because his network treated any scandal involving the “Luv Gov” as either no big deal, overblown or a right-wing conspiracy, partly because CNN’s resident tough guy Chris Cuomo is Gov. Cuomo’s little brother, and partly because their style of “reporting” on the pandemic involved using President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as fall guys for all of Cuomo’s disastrous mistakes.

Cillizza posted another Twitter promo to his account this morning, proclaiming that “all the hype” around Cuomo “obscured a troubling reality”:

Left out of his spin on the Cuomo story was the fact that much of the “hype” around Gov. Cuomo came from Cillizza’s colleagues, as well as Cillizza himself. Sen. Ted Cruz did not let him slide on the matter:


It honestly cannot be overstated how bad and biased CNN’s “coverage” of Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been over the last 10 months. It got so bad that at one point other media outlets – ones that normally have no ax to grind with the network – were raising red flags about how CNN’s reports on Cuomo were doing a disservice to journalism.

When you’re using enlarged Q-tip props during what’s supposed to be a “serious” interview with the Governor of the state that was hardest hit by the pandemic, you’d think you really have nowhere to go but “up.” Unfortunately for CNN – and for the people of New York – the network chose to sink even lower because the anchors and reporters at Planet Zuckerville thought painting a false picture of Gov. Cuomo as the magnificent hero of the pandemic while falsely portraying Trump as the evil villain hampering Cuomo from saving the state was what was best for business – and the country.


Going forward, no matter how much – if anything – CNN does to make up for lost time on this story, no one should forget how the myth of Andrew Cuomo the Great Leader was one of the network’s own creation, which was then lovingly amplified by many others in Media World.

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