'Reporter' Gets Caught Fangirling Over Kamala, Her Reaction to the Criticism Was Very Telling

'Reporter' Gets Caught Fangirling Over Kamala, Her Reaction to the Criticism Was Very Telling
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As my colleague Nick Arama reported earlier, the mainstream media wasted no time over the last 24 hours eagerly demonstrating what their “news” coverage of the Biden-Harris administration will look like over the next four years (hint: state-run TV ring a bell?).

The gushing, the oohing and ahhing from supposedly “straight news” reporters over the pageantry just this morning and early afternoon alone in the midst of inauguration festivities has been enough to give a person heartburn, but it’s been the all-important fashion updates that have perhaps been the most nauseating to witness for those of us watching from the cheap seats.

Bloomberg News political reporter Jennifer Epstein tried to set the scene this morning by alerting readers and viewers as to not only what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their respective spouses were wearing, but who designed their outfits – because #journalism or something:

These are the really, really important details we need to know about the First and Second families, of course, but it was her third fashion report a couple of hours later, where she kinda sorta gave the game away, that landed her in hot water. Newsbusters’ managing editor Curtis Houck called her out on it before she deleted it:

He saved a screengrab, too, for good measure – and tagged her on it:

Epstein did not bother explaining to Houck what she meant by proclaiming that Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits “were meaningful” along with Kamala Harris’ “decision to wear a dress.” She simply blocked him, which explained quite a bit:

Though she stopped giving a running commentary on the fashion choices of the Biden-Harris administration and family, the fawning didn’t stop:

This was not Epstein’s first foray into fashion reporting. A couple of weeks after the November election, she gave us an up-close and personal look at … Joe Biden’s socks:

This is the kind of hard-hitting “we adore them and we don’t have to answer to you” journalism we were subjected to during the eight years of the Obama-Biden administration, and it’s what we get to look forward to for the next four years under this one.

They’re gonna be long ones, y’all, so – as Biden once infamously said – “gird your loins.”

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