'Feminists' Gush Over Hillary's 'Dignity and Class Through the Last Four Years', Get Instant Reality Check

There were a helluva a lot of infuriatingly annoying things Republicans were subjected to over the last four years from the mainstream media and Democrats. One of the big ones was their constant revisionism on all things Hillary Clinton.


Leading the charge was the failed Democratic presidential nominee herself, who proclaimed as loudly and often as possible in interview after interview and speech after speech that President Trump “stole” the 2016 election from her and that she would have won in a landslide had it not been for the (non-existent) Trump/Russia collusion. Mrs. Clinton was never challenged by the left-wing media on these claims.

In reality, as we soon came to learn in great detail after Donald Trump was elected, it was the other way around. Trump won the election in spite of the Clinton presidential campaign’s coordinated attempts with the out-going Obama-Biden administration to undermine not only his campaign but then his presidency once he was in the Oval Office.

With all of that in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at all that the obnoxious sycophants in Hillary Clinton’s fan club continued to revise her infamous history even on Inauguration Day yesterday, in this case on how she conducted herself throughout the course of Trump’s presidency.

One such Hillary loyalist was Ilyse Hogue, the president of the radically pro-abortion “feminist” group NARAL. She told a fantastical tale on how she believed Hillary Clinton showed “dignity and class through the last four years and into today”:


She was far from the only one, as our sister site Twitchy documented here. Other comments along those lines included one about how Hillary allegedly was “grace personified.” Then there was the one about how she supposedly was the “epitome of a strong resolute person who wanted the job of POTUS for what she could do with it in service to us & as an historical attainment, but did not require it as a determinant of her own self validation.”


These women were met with reality checks from conservatives who remember things quite differently:


This .gif was all of us after reading the NARAL tweet:


Hillary Clinton has been many things over the last four years. “Classy and dignified” ain’t one of them. Make sure to check out the RedState archives for a refresher on the type of “class and dignity” Hillary really showed every chance she got throughout Trump’s time in office.

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