'Chef's Kiss': Reporters Give up Game After Misattributing Pelosi Quote Calling for 'Uprisings' to Gohmert

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Earlier today, I wrote about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had inadvertently made a couple of big faux pas yesterday in her announcement of the House Democrats she’d chosen to be impeachment managers.


Not only was there the whole issue of Rep. Eric “Honeypot” Swalwell being made a member of the team, but there was also Pelosi’s naming of Rep. Jamie Raskin as the lead impeachment manager. Presumably, Pelosi’s forgotten that Raskin was guilty of one of the same “offenses” they’re trying to impeach President Trump over: Calling for a rejection of electoral votes (Raskin objected to 10 of Florida’s electoral votes when Congress convened in January 2017).

In another one that can be tucked into the “You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up” file, mainstream media “reporters” gave up the game today while giving play by plays of what was being said on the House floor as impeaching Trump was being debated.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) at one point quoted Pelosi’s comments from a June 2018 press conference where she said, “I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country” in response to a question about child separations at the border.

Gohmert was quoting Pelosi in order to float examples of how Democrats had said things that could be construed as “incitement” as well, but in a move that should shock absolutely no one familiar with the highly, oftentimes deliberate way national political reporters operate, several “journalists” tweeted what Gohmert said without noting that it was Pelosi’s remarks he was referencing.


Politico’s DC politics managing editor Blake Hounshell “reported”:

(Update) Hounshell did end up deleting the tweet but only after the damage was already done:

Washington Post senior political reporter Aaron Blake (who yours truly called out) initially did what Hounshell did, but later deleted the tweet:

Vox.com politics editor Laura McGann also initially quoted Gohmert without pointing out he was quoting Pelosi:


But then a few minutes later she figured out – presumably from her mentions – that it was a Pelosi quote. She then proceeded to rather ironically use the same defense many Republicans have for Trump regarding his speech from last Wednesday: That she wasn’t trying to incite violence:

Interesting how such observations are totally subjective to these people, isn’t it?

Predictably, “outrage” ensued from the usual corners and Gohmert’s name began trending on Twitter, with liberals calling for Gohmert to be booted from the House over the quote that was actually from Pelosi.

In any event, the irony of media figures “forgetting” it was Pelosi who originally said what she did about “uprisings” wasn’t lost on Twitter conservatives:


“Chef’s kiss” indeed.

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