News Outlet Gives a 'Taste' of What Their Biden Coverage Will Look Like, and It Is Not Good

News Outlet Gives a 'Taste' of What Their Biden Coverage Will Look Like, and It Is Not Good
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Many of us have watched in disgust as broadcast “news” outlets like CNN and MSNBC have gone from being committed pre-election apologists for Joe Biden to providing nauseating preview after preview of what state-run TV will look like in a Biden-Harris administration, should they be affirmed as the winners on Wednesday.

CNN, in particular, has been pretty blatant about it. For example, we saw their media hall monitor Brian Stelter gushing in November over what he believes would be a “restoration of normal relations between the president and the press corps” after an interview with Biden campaign press secretary T.J. Ducklo.

Also, there was the CNN segment where anchor Jake Tapper and his colleagues Dana Bash and Abby Phillip fangirled over the thought of Kamala Harris becoming the first woman of color VP.

There are many more examples on that front, but for those of you who think all hope is lost on the media front when it comes to fair, balanced, and in-depth/investigative political journalism in 2021, Politico’s Daniel Lippman is here to save the day.

Lippman, who covers the White House for the online news outlet, filed this intriguing “report” tonight on … Joe Biden’s eating and drinking habits. Needless to say, there’s some “tasty” stuff involved:

“He has very simple tastes in food,” said a former Biden staffer. The president-elect loves spaghetti Bolognese and is a big aficionado of other types of pasta with red sauce, with a person familiar with what he eats calling it a “mainstay.” A current Biden aide said the president-elect also loves chicken parm.

“He’s a very big ice cream fan,” said another source. “He’s done a lot of OTR [off-the-record] stops at ice cream parlors,” such as at a Dairy Queen in Iowa, where he turned a Blizzard upside down to show how viscous it was.

There’s plenty more hard-hitting journalism where that came from, too:

What does all this mean? Newsbusters’ managing editor Curtis Houck hits the nail on the head:

Hooray! Journalism is saved! Thanks, guys.

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