Explosive Report Reveals Chinese Spy Bundled Donations for Russia Truther Rep. Eric Swalwell

It’s almost like Democrats are always doing what they falsely accuse Republicans of doing.

One of the most ardent, ridiculous Russia collusion truthers in Congress is a man named Eric Swalwell. You probably remember him from some of the smug clips he’s produced over the years. He was also author of some of the dumber, more revealing gambits attempted during Adam Schiff’s impeachment attempt. And if you don’t remember him from that, you almost certainly remember his laughable presidential campaign which promptly crashed and burned after he announced it.


In short, Swalwell is a clown who has often failed to legitimately raise his profile, though the media treat him as some sort of credible figure (because of course they do). Now, an explosive new report reveals just how compromised by the Chinese government Swalwell has been, including having a spy bundle donations for him.

You’ll be less than shocked to learn that this effort targeted Democrats almost exclusively because China knows where their bread is buttered. The CCP operative in question also engaged in sexual relationships in an attempt to peddle influence.

Regardless, what you’ll eventually get now is a denial from Swalwell that he knew what was going on in relation to Fang and his campaign. Instead, he’ll claim to have had no knowledge of this person’s dealings and that their actions were of their own accord. Of course, the FBI gave him an easy out by providing him with a “defensive briefing” which allowed Swalwell to “cut ties” and drop the issue. If it’s President Trump, the FBI tries to entrap him and then sets him up to be hounded by a special counsel for two years. If it’s Eric Swalwell, he gets a briefing and is allowed to walk away without further questions. See how this works?


But the story here isn’t really just about Swalwell or whatever other Democrat politicians Fang targeted. Perhaps they were just unwilling dupes. The real story is China’s ability to influence the power structure in this country, knowingly or unknowingly, in such a pervasive way. As I wrote this morning, Tucker Carlson shared a video exposing just how that works and how dangerous it is. And because Carlson is usually on target, this story by Axios broke only a few hours later detailing just how China uses spies to push the buttons of high-level U.S. government officials.

Given the severity of this, you’d expect those who have interacted with Fang to show some concern for our national security. Instead, here’s Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), who also met Fang, expressing his grand fear that surveillance of Chinese spies could lead to racism.


Ah, well that’s obviously the most important issue here. We wouldn’t want catching Chinese spies to have a chilling effect on anyone. What Khanna is saying makes no sense, but he knows that playing the racism card is the easiest way to point the heat in some other direction.

All of this really illustrates the stupidity of the red scare of the last several years. Our media, for purely partisan, political reasons, have lost their minds over Russia. They saw that as a way to target Trump and it has engulfed and influenced nearly every piece of reporting they’ve done the last four-plus years. But the reality is that China is the biggest threat, and it’s not even close.

China will continue to eat our lunch as long as our elites value making money and political power over doing what is right. The continued fluffing of the Chinese while ignoring just how big of a national security threat they are is not going to lead anywhere good. And to be clear, our bad policy toward China spans both parties, including a lot of the Republican establishment which reflexively parrot “free trade” anytime anyone suggests cracking down on the communists.


Luckily, I believe Trump has changed the status quo on this issue. People’s eyes have been opened, and there’s a real resistance to continuing to allow China to dominate us. I hope that pays further dividends.

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