Eric Swalwell Caught Lying On Not Knowing Who Dana Loesch Is, Is Roundly Mocked

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Anti-gun Presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell embarrassed himself on Tuesday when he attempted to express no knowledge about who radio show host and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch is, and quickly found himself surrounded in examples of him knowing exactly who she is.


Responding to gun control Moms Demand head Shannon Watts tweet about Loesch attacking Swalwell over his pipe dream of banning every gun in America, Swalwell attempted to say he had no idea who Loesch was but that she sure is obsessed with him.

“Thank you, Shannon,” tweeted Swalwell. “I spoke at the funeral of a police officer killed by gun violence. I’m running for President to protect them, too. I don’t know who [Dana Loesch] is, but it looks like she spends more time worrying about me than she does for gun violence victims.”

The only problem is that, as Twitchy highlighted, Swalwell has a history of butting heads with Loesch on Twitter.


Loesch immediately called out Swalwell for the lie, and then asked him directly how he planned to confiscate the firearms of millions of legally gun owning American.

“You’ve directly addressed me many times, so let’s not do that,” tweeted Loesch. “Actually, it looks like you worry more about law-abiding Americans than criminals. Tell me Rep. Swalwell, how do you plan to confiscate millions of legally-owned firearms, as you said you would on CNN?”

Loesch wasn’t the only one who called Swalwell out.


Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon also called out Swalwell, adding that a 2020 hopeful running on an anti-gun platform and not knowing the NRA’s most popular spokesperson isn’t exactly a good look.

Gutowski is correct, but Swalwell has made it very clear that he’s no serious contender for the White House. Previously, Swalwell commented that a war between gun owners and the government would be a short one because the government has nukes, suggesting that the U.S. government would nuke its own people because they wouldn’t give up their right to firearms.


He also posted a recording of a phone call with what sounded like a crazed pro-gun caller threatening war and Swalwell being the first casualty. Swalwell then claimed this caller was a member of the NRA and that he’s not afraid of either entity.

Many believe this was a fake caller, as the person sounds ridiculous and uneducated about firearms, calling the gun’s magazine a “clip,” which is a common thing for gun grabbers tend to get wrong.




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