Donald Trump Jr. Shreds CNN Over Legal Threats to Project Veritas, Notes Some Inconvenient History

Watching the smug hall monitors at CNN melt down over the last 24 hours in response to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s announcement about how he was preparing to release two months of CNN conference calls has been a thing of beauty.


Doubly comical were the panicked legal threats that came from CNN’s PR department later in the day in response to O’Keefe’s tweet, as well as CNN-PR’s later flub in a tweet they posted to Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson a few hours later.

As to the network’s pathetic threat to take legal action and their note about how they would be “referring” the matter to law enforcement, Donald Trump Jr. went off, first pointing out that what O’Keefe did “looked like journalism” to him, which CNN would not understand:

… and then later dunking all over them by flashing back to how they had no issues running at length with the secret Melania tapes that were obtained by a supposed “friend” of the First Lady’s without her permission:


In fact, CNN is still running with parts of those secret Melania tapes in their “reporting”, which we saw a couple of days ago when their New Day co-hosts and guests mocked Melania Trump’s secretly recorded comments about media reporting on her Christmas decorations in years past during a segment on the unveiling of this year’s decorations.

So the bottom line here is that when it comes to secret tapes of people in the Trump camp (and at Fox News, for that matter), CNN is all for it no matter how they were obtained. They will gleefully run them into the ground for days and weeks on end. But when it comes to secret tapes of their morning conference calls, all of a sudden it’s time for legal action and law enforcement to intervene because journalism or whatever.

As usual, CNN is holding others to a standard they don’t hold themselves to. What a total shocker.

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