CNN's Jake Tapper Tries Dunking Ivanka Trump in Back and Forth Over CO2 Emissions, but It Backfires

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As my colleagues and I have previously documented, CNN’s Jake Tapper has firmly established himself over the last several years as the type of media figure who almost always has an angle to push. Not surprisingly, most of those angles involve the promotion and/or perpetuation of tiresome Democratic bogeyman narratives about the evil nature of Republicans.

Had that not been clear prior to Election Day, Tapper’s post-election actions – where he has done things like launch into juvenile rants against White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany as well as endorse the concept of an Enemies List-style shaming of former Trump administration officials – should put any doubts about Tapper’s supposed “objectivity” as a journalist to rest.

The latest example of Tapper showing his true liberal colors comes courtesy of the Twitter machine, where he took issue with tweets posted by Ivanka Trump earlier today about the country’s declining greenhouse gas emissions numbers.

Here’s how it started:

Whoa, claimed Tapper. This, he alleged, is “largely” because of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, and not any sort of official United States policy that would have helped bring about the change in numbers:

Ms. Trump fired back at Biden’s climate change spokesman “The Lead” anchor by pointing out stats from 2019, before the pandemic started:

While Tapper acknowledged her 2019 stats, he again tried to claim it had nothing to do with any Trump administration policy on cutting carbon emissions:

Tapper didn’t seem to realize that not only had he basically proved her point but that he also undercut the left’s own arguments for a Green New Deal at the same time. Ms. Trump didn’t respond, but others stepped in to give him a helfpul heads up:

Heh. You know it’s a bad day – a seriously bad day – for Jake Tapper when a successful Republican woman who Democrats, CNN guests, and others in the media treat as a vapid ditz gets him to accidentally endorse free-market solutions in the midst of his attempts to “own” the argument. LOL.

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