CNN Played Tapes of Melania Recorded by a 'Friend,' but Looks Like the Tactics Are Backfiring Big Time

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks
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First Lady Melania Trump delivers remarks at the International Women of Courage Award Ceremony Wednesday, March 4, 2020, at the State Department in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

As we reported earlier, a former ‘friend’ of the First Lady Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was employed as one of Melania’s advisors in the White House, recorded conversations with her and then went on CNN with Anderson Cooper to play them for everyone to stick a knife in Melania’s back in an ‘October Surprise.’

Now, that’s pretty low of a ‘friend’ to do to promote a book — sell out a friend for money. But it’s also just as low for CNN to run it, doubtless thinking it helped their overall cause of hurting the Trumps. They should accord the Trump team equal time for their in-kind attempt to donate to the Biden campaign.

But imagine how desperate they are if this is all they can pull out at this point. As we noted, the Biden folks are desperately trying at the last minute to marshal canvassers in the field to get out and talk to people when the Trump team has been doing it for months.

But if the liberal media thought that this was going to make Melania Trump or the campaign look bad, they may just have miscalculated.

The tapes actually humanized the First Lady, to whom the media has never really given a fair shake. They actually give her a chance to explain some of the things media has unfairly said about her and also debunk a false liberal narrative that she’s not supportive of her husband.


Such as this hit job on her and on the President over ‘kids in cages,’ when they had no issue over the very same subject with Barack Obama and Barack Obama built the “cages” (not really cages, just large holding areas where kids/adults were initially taken.)

Most of the kids came unaccompanied, so you had to provide for them until you find proper guardians for them/have family pick them up.

That she wasn’t dismissive of the kids’ plight, that she actually tried to do what she could but she couldn’t interfere with the law or proper process.


But also she was saying that because she was saying she was more concerned about the kids’ issue than Christmas decorations.

Then there was this part where she speaks for all of us.

The reaction? Most people said they loved Melania more when hearing it.


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