Dan Bongino Perfectly Explains Real Reasons the Media and Democrats Are so Obsessed With Parler

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The success of the social media platform Parler has both infuriated and confounded the mainstream media and Democrats, both of who have lobbied for and gotten the Powers That Be at Facebook and Twitter to tighten the reins on content posted at their sites by way of either suppressing stories and statements altogether or putting “warnings” on them, making them more difficult to share with readers and followers – all under the guise of wanting to “protect” readers from “fake news.”


After Election Day, Tech Crunch reported that Parler rocketed to the top of Google Play’s and the Apple App Store’s respective app rankings:

Parler shot up the charts across Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store in the days following official election results. An Android app called “Parlor” was also trending Monday, likely due to misspelled searches for Parler.


Parler sat at #7 in the App Store on Saturday, November 7, according to mobile app market analysis from Sensor Tower. By the next day, it shot up to #1 — a first for the app. It remains in the top slot now, in contrast to its position a week ago as the 1,023th most downloaded app.

The story is similar in Google’s own app marketplace, where Parler climbed from #51 on Saturday to #5 on Sunday, topping out in the #1 slot today. The Fox News competitor Newsmax TV and the self-described “next-gen social network” MeWe also sat in Google’s top 5.

Parler’s popularity has so frustrated the left that they are doing whatever they can to mock/ridicule/discredit it so as to discourage people from using it. Case in point: so-called “disinformation analyst” and Ted-talker Dave Troy, who recently tried to link, without evidence, former Congressional candidate and conservative Dan Bongino – a major investor in Parler who has become its public face – to a Russian disinformation campaign.

And on the Media World side of things, CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter recently proclaimed that Parler was a place conservatives were going because they were more interested in circulating in an echo chamber full of like-minded people than in engaging with users on other platforms with who they may disagree.


Stelter even went so far as to laughably claim that Parler was a “threat to democracy” or something. What a stupid comment, but par for the course for the Baghdad Bob of CNN.

What the campaign to nuke Parler off the map is about is not to combat any alleged Russian disinformation campaigns and not to encourage conservatives to expose themselves to differing viewpoints (as if they needed Twitter and Facebook to do that). The real goal is the control of the flow of information.

Former Democratic staffers don’t run Parler. Conservatives do. Because of that, the Brian Stelters of the world and the Dave Troys of the world have no control nor influence over what happens at Parler. Because of that, the platform must be destroyed.

Bongino got right to the heart of the matter in a tweet posted earlier today:

Exactly. What Democrats (and the media) ultimately want in social media platforms like FB and Twitter are places they can dominate, control, and manipulate the conversation to suit their political narratives and to advance their left-wing agendas. It’s not about the “free-flow/free exchange” of ideas in any real meaningful way.

They also want to keep the power they have at these platforms to silence/censor/banish/cancel conservatives who have the audacity to think differently. That’s a real “threat to democracy” that the Stelters and Troys of the world should be concerned about if they truly cared about the future of American political discourse.


But they don’t. Instead, they’re actively participating in the suppression of it, which just further proves the point that the targeting of Parler has nothing to do with saving people from falling for fake stories and everything to do with punishing any tech outfit or conservative website that refuses to fall in line with the leftist herd mentality that demands people think like them or else.

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