S.E. Cupp ‘Analyzes’ Trump’s Impact on the GOP, the Lack of Self-Awareness Was Simply off the Charts (Watch)

As I wrote last night, the mainstream media should be using the repudiation of Democrats in this election in order to try and better understand things from the conservative perspective – and to have those attempts at understanding be transparent in their body of work.


We can’t rely on them to do this, however, because the problem is that the national media has proven that more often than not they aren’t willing to learn from their mistakes. For example, they should have started viewing conservatives through a different lens after Trump won in 2016, but they didn’t. They just continued to run with the “racist/bigoted/sexist/heartless conservative” narratives because it’s what they believe. Not only that, but they also figure it’s what their base of readers and viewers want to see, too.

Which brings me to today’s example of how the media is once again proving how they will simply ignore the lessons they should be learning from this election because they find that it’s more important to play to their base readership/viewership than to actually build a diverse audience who wants to tune in to hear what they have to say without having their intelligence insulted.

Last night on CNN, unhinged anchor Don Lemon had on a panel of guests that included former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and fellow CNN anchor S.E. Cupp. Ms. Cupp is invariably brought on to these panels to provide the “Republican perspective”, which isn’t saying much considering she hasn’t really provided much of a cogent perspective on Republicans going on for several years now.


Anyway, during the segment, Lemon – feigning interest in the state of the Republican party – asked Ms. Cupp “what happened” to the party. “The constitutionalists, what happened? What happened?” he asked, pretending to be concerned.

Cupp’s answer was one of the most willfully ignorant, least self-aware answers I’ve ever heard in my decades of monitoring media reporting and commentary:

“Trump happened. And, you know, Trump – I used to say four years ago [that] Trump wore the Republican party like a rented tuxedo, to get through the election. And here we are with the dry cleaning bill. That tuxedo is in the corner, it’s crumpled up. It’s got cigarette butt stains and … you know … [gestures with hands in the air] bodily fluids on it. And the Republican party has got to figure out what to do with the rented tuxedo. You know, they let him wear it for four years.”

At her animated mention of “bodily fluids”, the panel laughed, Lemon especially. “I can hear the people in the control room screaming over the earpiece …” Lemon chuckled, seemingly out of breath from all the laughing.


As another commentator excitedly yelled out “it’s time to get a new tuxedo!”, Cupp then put on the “who, me? act, folding her arms in front of her. “I don’t know what you guys were thinking I meant!?”

Lemon, still chuckling, then gave Cupp an out by suggesting she was talking about “sweat stains”, which she agreed with before they continued on with their “analysis” of Trump and Republicans.

Watch the segment below, via MRC-TV:

That S.E. Cupp of all people thinks she should be lecturing anyone in the Republican party about allegedly using people and/or an organization in order to get ahead in politics is the height of hypocrisy for reasons I don’t think need explaining to the people reading this. For those who may not understand, just think of her conveniently timed political transformation during her time on CNN, and that should explain quite a bit.

But beyond that, I had this grand explainer planned out to write about how this “analysis” was so far off the mark, but then I saw this tweet, which says it more succinctly than I ever could:


Yep. And guess what, S.E. – most of us who are still bonafide Republicans aren’t interested in playing the game by NeverTrump’s “please like us!” rules, whether Trump loses or not. Those days are over. For good.

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