Nancy Pelosi Gets Asked About Hunter Biden During Presser, Promptly Starts Yelling Over Reporter

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) held a press conference Thursday, presumably to answer questions on whatever issues reporters wanted to ask her about.

But when one journalist tried to ask the longtime congresswoman and prominent Joe Biden supporter about the explosive corruption allegations surrounding the Democratic presidential nominee and his son Hunter, Pelosi had a mini-meltdown, shutting the reporter down in ways she’s become infamous for doing, both on Capitol Hill and on national news networks – including those predisposed to pitching softball questions to Democrats.


Washington Examiner senior campaign reporter Kerry Picket could barely get the words “corruption” and “Joe Biden” out before Pelosi raised her voice and began doing the finger-wagging thing, proclaiming, “I don’t have all day” to answer non-coronavirus relief bill questions:

“Madame Speaker, these allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden—” the reporter asked, before Pelosi cut her off.

“Okay, I’m not answering your question, okay?” Pelosi said. “We’re talking about the coronavirus, that’s what I—I don’t have all day for questions, that’s what we’re taking now.” Pelosi proceeded to field several additional questions on the pandemic response and negotiations for a potential economic relief bill.

The Examiner’s chief congressional correspondent Susan Ferrechio, fresh off of dunking CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter all over the place earlier this week, made note of what happened on her Twitter feed:

It starts at about the 8-second mark of the below video. Watch as Pelosi not only yells over Picket, but then immediately moves on to other reporters, without letting her ask another question:


This isn’t Pelosi’s first on-camera meltdown this month. Last week, she got into a disastrous back and forth with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. During that interview, Pelosi became visibly agitated that Blitzer was not letting her get away with blaming Republicans for the impasse over the COVID relief bill.

And back in August, Pelosi bizarrely went off on “PBS NewsHour” anchor Judy Woodruff, accusing her of being a Republican plant, when Woodruff challenged her on some of her claims about the relief package. Not long before that, she yelled “NO!” at a reporter 11 times in an off-camera exchange about vote-by-mail issues.

A year ago, Pelosi lost it with reporter James Rosen after he asked her if she hated President Trump. “Don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that,” she snapped to a stunned Rosen.

Not surprisingly, Pelosi’s abhorrent treatment of the media routinely gets a pass by media firefighters like Stelter and his sidekick Oliver Darcy, who are always quick to point out when things get testy between Trump and the White House press corps. But though her antics with the press largely fly under the radar, the questions about Joe and Hunter Biden are not going to go away, no matter how many times she, other Biden surrogates, and Democrat-friendly social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter try to change or suppress the subject.


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