Nancy Pelosi Loses It On a Reporter Who Dares to Challenge Her

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, July 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Nancy Pelosi has been having these episodes more and more lately. I don’t know if her old age or if Donald Trump has just fully broken her, but her inability to control her anger and take even the most basic questions is noticeable.


As I shared a few weeks ago, Pelosi quite literally had a mental breakdown on camera recently (see Nancy Pelosi Has a Mental Breakdown on Camera, Starts Yelling ‘No’ Over and Over At Reporter). Here’s that clip.

This morning, Pelosi had another outburst, this time targeting PBS’ Judy Woodruff. The House Speaker would go on to accuse Woodruff of being an “advocate” for Republicans.

I want to make something clear. Woodruff is a Democrat. She’s a partisan actor who routinely pushes left-wing talking points while in the act of operating as a journalist. The idea that she’s an apologist or advocate for anything to do with the GOP is not just ludicrous, it’s delusional. What Woodruff did here was not even really challenge Pelosi. She simply gently nudged her to account for her obstructionism. In response, Pelosi starts yelling at her. Woodruff then tried to claim she was just playing devil’s advocate. Not even that was enough for Pelosi.


What this shows is just how used to total subservience these Democrats are when it comes to media bias. They expect the media to not only do their bidding, but to do so without even a hint of push-back. Pelosi is conditioned to be able to go on CNN, Chuck Todd’s show, or the like and just rattle off talking points. Woodruff stepped on a landmine by questioning the queen and that’s how you get a liberal jouranlist being accused of being a stooge for Mitch McConnell. It’s insanity, but it’s also to be expected.

The reality is that Pelosi is holding up the package, in which Republicans have already come far more than halfway to meet her (they probably shouldn’t have to be honest), because bad news is good news for Democrats. Americans suffering is seen as an election cudgel to remove Trump from office and possibly take the Senate. I for one hope it backfires spectacularly.




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