Bret Baier Smoothly Swoops in With an Offer for Nancy Pelosi After Disastrous CNN Interview

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As my colleague Bonchie previously reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gave one of the most disastrous interviews in the history of interviews last night during a wild appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s “Situation Room” program on CNN.

For those who missed it, watch a 1-minute clip from the interview below, which happened at the end of their contentious exchange. Pelosi became absolutely unhinged after Blitzer suggested she not let the “perfect be the enemy of the good” on the COVID relief bill:

What was crystal clear from watching their back and forth is that Pelosi is not used to being aggressively questioned on her statements and actions, considering the vast majority of the time when she appears on programs like Blitzer’s she is treated with the utmost reverence, like the Queen of the Hill, the Slayer of Republicans, the Master Negotiator, etc., by supposedly impartial journalists and other prominent media figures.

In any event, praise rained down on Blitzer from the right and even some on the left for how he handled Pelosi’s bizarre temper tantrum. Other journalists applauded him as well, including Fox News “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier, who took a moment to give Blitzer some props before offering Pelosi a chance to “continue the discussion” via a Round 2 interview on the COVID relief bill stalemate:

“We ask frequently.” Hehe. While I’m sure it wasn’t intended to compound how embarrassing she looked in the Blitzer interview, in effect that’s exactly what Baier’s offer did.

Why? Because we all know the likelihood of her agreeing to talk to him versus, say, a more Democrat-friendly interviewer like Chris Wallace, is close to nil. Because Baier would not treat her with Wallace’s kid gloves. He’d actually ask her tough questions, which would cause another meltdown.

Pelosi knows it, her handlers know it, and her supporters know it.

And considering a recent poll showed a majority of Americans blamed her more than Trump for the lack of a COVID relief bill, she doesn’t want any more bad publicity than she’s already getting – including when she brings it on herself, as was the case last night.

On a related note, “The Hill” media reporter Joe Concha posted a scorecard last night on the number of reporters/news show hosts Pelosi has now accused of being Republican apologists simply because they had the audacity to do their jobs:

I wonder who she’ll accuse next? MSNBC’s Joy Reid? Stay tuned! 😉

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