Update: 'Kroger Andy' Gets Last Laugh After Targeted by Social Media Shamer in Grocery Store Mask Dispute

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A woman walks out of a liquor store past a sign requesting its customers to wear a mask Tuesday, June 23, 2020, in Santa Monica, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)



I wrote Saturday about how a Kroger grocery store manager in Louisville, KY was “Karened” on Twitter by a self-proclaimed “professional civil-rights activist” because he supposedly refused to intervene more forcefully in a mask dispute that allegedly involved an assault threat against the Karen who made the complaint.

Transgender rights advocate “Danielle Muscato”, who notes the pronouns “she/her” in his/her Twitter bio, erupted on the social media platform to the tune of about 20 tweets and blasted off on Andy, who she says “refused to do anything” other than talk to the customer who allegedly threatened her with violence. Muscato, who in previous tweets has expressed hate towards police officers, also alleged an off-duty Lousiville officer was nearby and did nothing.

A photo of Andy was included in her first tweet:

In response, Twitter users read Danielle the riot act, so much so that the name “Andy” trended for most of the day Saturday as people pushed back and demanded she leave Andy alone.

As it turns out, Andy has gotten the last laugh on this social media shamer thanks in part to the efforts of “Target Tori”, who you may remember was the victim of an “award-winning” journalist’s social media shaming campaign back in January. Tori organized a “GoFundMe” to fund a well-deserved vacation for Andy. At the time I wrote my post Saturday, nearly $5,000 had been raised.


That number has jumped dramatically, as Tori notes below. Not only that, but she has been in contact with Andy and will soon be handing over the reins of the “GoFundMe” to him so he can start planning that vacation:

The amount raised as of this writing is almost $21,000.

As for Muscato, she is now claiming her target was never Andy, but instead the Kroger grocery store chain, who she is now demanding force their employees to resolve mask disputes. She’s put up probably another 50 tweets or on the matter. SMH.

Cancel culture 0, Andy 1.


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