No Way! MSNBC Determines the *Real* Culprit Behind the Drop in Impeachment Support (Video)

"Hardball" talk show host Chris Matthews. Screen grab via MSNBC and Newsubsters.

Chris Matthews

“Hardball” talk show host Chris Matthews. Screen grab via MSNBC and Newsubsters.

At this stage of the game, Demcorats have held private impeachment inquiry hearings and public hearings, the latter of which was done via the House Intel Committee in November and the Judiciary Committee this month.


The result of the televised hearings has been more than clear even before Nadler got his crack at the gavel last week: Democrats have lost the support of a majority of the American people. Not among Democrats, of course. And they haven’t gained any support from Republicans, naturally. Where they’ve lost support is with independents, which poll after poll has shown us over the last month.

With the articles of impeachment being announced on Tuesday to much media fanfare and hyperventilating, the cast and crew of MSNBC’s “Live With Velshi and Ruhle” program, along with “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, got to talking about the crack in impeachment support and why it happened.

It wasn’t the Democrats’ fault, they concluded. There was only one answer: Fox News. Curtis Houck at Newsbusters recapped the segment:

Instead of looking inward, [host Stephanie] Ruhle replied that “what is new is the way news is consumed” before fretting that “[t]he poll numbers aren’t changing and we can say, ‘hasn’t anybody watched these impeachment hearings over the last two weeks?’”

Right on cue, Matthews interjected: “Well, there was no Fox back then. There was no Fox.”

Merging both points about attacking FNC and the lack of a movement in polling toward supporting impeachment (laid out earlier by the knowledgeable and touch-screen extraordinaire Steve Kornacki), Ruhle lamented:

“But today, half the country is watching a completely different version of these events of news. How much does that impact the way all this has been absorbed? That wasn’t the case in the last two impeachments.”
“I think you need a medium to fight your case. And the Republican right-wingers found one, it’s called Fox. It’s smart, they got one. Roger Ailes gave it to them,” Matthews added.

As the segment wound down, Ruhle wondered: “Would Richard Nixon have had a different outcome had Fox News existed?”


Watch the hysterical segment below:

This is so typical of the left and their allies in the mainstream media. When they lose elections, it wasn’t their fault. It’s because they were “stolen.” When they lose policy debates, it’s not because their arguments weren’t good enough, it’s because other people were too stupid to “get it.”

And now that they’re losing the impeachment argument, it’s still not their fault. It’s Fox News’ fault.

They’ll completely ignore the impeachment fatigue that has set in with voters, completely ignore the fact that no one believes what the left says anymore about “impeachable offenses” considering for three years we’ve heard “the walls are closing in” and “this is bombshell news” and “beginning of the end” declarations. Most importantly, they’ll ignore the fact that Democrats simply failed to make their case.

They’re conveniently forgetting about all of that and are blaming Fox News instead.

So freaking predictable.

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