AOC Called the Boston Straight Pride Parade a "White Supremacist Parade", but Photos Tell a Different Story

AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As I wrote yesterday, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) both indicated on Twitter that they stood in solidarity with the Antifa thugs who were arrested on charges of violence against law enforcement at the Boston Straight Pride Parade over the weekend.


For anyone who missed it, here are AOC’s and Pressley’s tweets from Saturday:

AOC’s tweet of support was particularly mind-boggling for a few reasons:

1) Why would a Squad member who claims to be a proponent of peace and who frequently claims conservatives deliberately endanger her life by allegedly engaging in “incitement” embolden radical left wing extremists who have a documented history of private property destruction and violent actions against police officers and those marching peacefully?

2) What does she mean by saying they “put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community”? That’s what the police did, not the protesters! AOC’s claim is utter nonsense because there was nothing being instigated by rally marchers that people needed to be “protected” from.


Furthermore, her comments make the Antifa mobs who cover their faces while they assault innocent people and police officers sound like the Normandy beach heroes. (Wonder where she got that one from?)

3) Why did she call it a “white supremacist parade”? It wasn’t billed as one and there was no indication from any police reports or news reports afterwards that any racism or hatred towards the LGTBQ community was expressed at Saturday’s march.

In fact, photos taken at the Straight Pride rally show that, contra to AOC’s claims that it was a “white supremacist parade”, it was not:

Even people who don’t agree with holding a Straight Pride rally should be disgusted that a sitting member of Congress would encourage more Antifa thuggery against people she disagrees with by saying Antifa members shouldn’t be punished, and by absurdly and stupidly insinuating they are on the same level as those in the military who quite literally do put their lives on the line to protect their fellow citizens.


But this is par for the course for AOC and many other demagogues in the Democratic party whose first line of attack against any political opposition, including the legit variety, is to accuse them of racism.

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