Video: Joe Scarborough Bizarrely Equates Nancy Pelosi Impeaching Trump to When Lincoln Freed the Slaves

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Screen grab via MSNBC and MRC-TV.
Mika Brzezinski  and Joe Scarborough
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. Screen grab via MSNBC and MRC-TV.

When Joe Scarborough isn’t hypocritically accusing someone else of “selling his political soul” and Mika Brzezinski isn’t hypocritically belittling other women for bravely stepping forward with their #MeToo stories, they’re making bizarre comparisons that strain the bounds of credulity.


Such was the case on Thursday. The husband and wife commentary team had a segment on the issue of impeaching President Donald Trump, and Joe went off the rails. Mika didn’t add much outside of sitting next to him and echoing his comments like a puppet.

Gregory Price at Newsbusters reports:

After saying earlier in the show that “our high schools need to teach civic classes and American history” in response to President Trump’s comments about Joe Biden in Japan, Scarborough demonstrated that he himself needs to go back to history class by drawing a very flawed analogy between the leadership of President Lincoln during the Civil War and Speaker Pelosi in the quest to impeach Donald Trump:

“I will say, Nancy Pelosi has to be calculating. Abraham Lincoln was calculating in saving the union. Early in the war, he said, “If the country has to be half slave, half free, if that saves the union, then I’m for that. If saving the union is required by letting all go free, then I am for that.” He was very calculating, and he moved to the position when he felt the American people were ready. Ready to move toward the emancipation of slaves. I’m not being critical of Nancy Pelosi here. I will say though, there are times though to not calculate. I would say when you have a president who has abused power more than any other President, not only in our lifetime, I just can’t think of any historical precedence, of any president who abused his position more– “


Watch video of the segment below:

Someone please tell Joe that we are not a nation of slaves, that Trump’s alleged abuses of presidential power don’t even come close to other historical examples, and that the state of our union does not depend on whether or not Pelosi will impeach Trump.

Good grief.

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