Rioting in Portland on Thursday Night After Police Shooting -- Turned out They Shot a White Guy, So Everyone Left

The headline is absurd, but so are things the way they happen in Portland. What a screwed-up place.

On Thursday afternoon officers of the Portland Police Bureau were involved in a shooting incident at a downtown location.


The early rumors were that the subject was a “person of color” — spread by BLM to drive up rioter numbers.  No better excuse exists to kick off the night’s rioting on Portland streets before sunset so in pretty much no time at all you had hostile encounters between police trying to maintain the perimeter of an active crime-scene investigation, and Portland’s professional riot class, also known as the unemployed loser population.

Our good friend Andy Ngo was able to aggregate much video footage from the evening’s events.

The confrontations between the police and protesters continued into the nighttime hours.


Then came the tragic news that no one was expecting.

The white man shot by the black police officer later died at a Portland-area hospital.

Antifa and BLM went home happy about some great police work they had been able to celebrate together.



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