New Book About Hunter Biden's Laptop: Joe Paid for the Hookers and Cocaine

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New York Post columnist Miranda Devine ran a bombshell of a column late yesterday — an excerpt from her book to be published in September about the contents of Hunter’s laptop computer.


The title of the book is “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.”

Based on the contents of the excerpt, I might have titled it “Hunter, the Hooker, ‘I Didn’t Know You Could Stack M&M’s on Your Penis Like That’, and What the Secret Service Saw.”

Devine is a columnist for the Post, and as we all know the Post was the recipient of a copy of the hard drive from the laptop computer that Hunter Biden failed to pick up from a local repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware.

Running a book excerpt in this fashion is pretty much the same as a movie trailer.  Sometimes you find out only after seeing the movie that all the best stuff was in the trailer.

I have a suspicion that is not the case here.  Hunter’s life has been such a trainwreck for so long that the episode Devine covers in the excerpt is likely just the “tip of the penis iceberg” when it comes to all the evidence of debauchery he decided he wanted to save to his laptop.

In May 2018, Hunter was engaged in an extended drug bender while holed up in the famous Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. The Chateau Marmont is the hotel where John Belushi died while on an extended drug bender. Hunter dialed up one of several escort services (about which there is evidence on his laptop) and ordered up for himself a visit from a green-eyed brunette Russian friend calling herself “Yanna.” Yanna swings by, they smoke some crack, drink vodka, have sex, make some porn, and Hunter performs a trick involving his erect penis and some M&Ms — which he takes pictures of and saves on his phone.


Not having seen the photos, I cannot attest to whether he employed “Plain” or “Peanut” M&Ms in executing the stunt.

When it came time to pay all Hunter’s efforts to use credit or debit cards SEEM to have failed due to “fraud alerts” that kicked in when he attempted to use the cash transfer app “Zelle” to pay $8000 to “Emerald Fantasy Girls” by phone. Finally one seemed to work, and Yanna went on her way.

As it turned out, the credit card payments Hunter was trying to make did actually go through — he made multiple payments to Emerald Fantasy Girls, far exceeding Yanna’s $8000 bill. That led to an unexpected visitor to the hotel who came to speak with Hunter, “retired” Secret Service Supervisor for the Los Angeles Office, Robert Savage. One of the cards Hunter had used was for an account in the name of both Hunter and Joe Biden.

As Devine recounts, Hunter kept records of everything on his laptop.  It functioned as a combination virtual office, diary, and photo album filled with all the special moments of his life happening in that time frame.  Because he would back up his phone to the laptop, all his text message exchanges were recorded on the computer’s hard drive. These are the emails and text messages that are finding their way into the Post and other publications since the computer shop owner made more than just one copy of the hard drive before turning it over to the federal grand jury in Delaware.


And, as noted in this Red State story published last week about the recent high-level Chinese defector, the Chinese have a copy of the laptop hard drive too.

According to Devine, the various charges to Hunter Biden’s cards was as follows:

The first $8,000 is recorded leaving his account at 10:22 a.m. At 10:50 a.m., $2,000 leaves a different account. At 10:59 a.m., $3,500 vanishes. At 11 a.m., another $8,000. At 11:03 a.m., another $3,500. About $25,000 moves in under an hour.

Let’s wrap up with the details of the visit from the Secret Service.

Keep in mind that this is May of 2018, a full 16 months after Joe Biden had left the office of Vice President. Devine’s story says an image of Savage’s “contact” card was found on Hunter’s laptop.

What we do know from the laptop is that a few hours after Hunter’s debit-card woes began, text messages start arriving that are labeled as being from Robert Savage III. Savage was once the Secret Service’s special agent in charge of the Los Angeles field office and a contact card for him appears on the laptop, with a photographic avatar, phone number and Secret Service email address.

The Secret Service responded to an inquiry from the Post stating that Savage retired in April 2018, weeks before this episode.  How it was that Savage might have still been using a Secret Service email account is an interesting question, as email accounts of government employees are normally locked out by office administrators the day the employee departs.


But the Secret Service issue gets more interesting.  Among text messages exchanged between Savage and Hunter while Savage is trying to convince Hunter to tell the hotel staff to let them on the property, is one message telling Hunter that retired Deputy Assistant Director of the Secret Service Dale Pupillo has arrived and is with Savage. Pupillo headed up the protection detail for Joe Biden when he was Vice President.  In one of the text messages reported by Devine, Savage tells Hunter that one of the cards he used was linked to “Celtic’s account.”

“Celtic” was the Secret Service’s code name for Joe Biden.

It is all quite plausible that both Savage and Pupillo were retired and were acting on their own at the request of Joe Biden who reached out to Pupillo (most likely) when he received a “fraud notice” from the credit card company for the attempt to pay $8000 to Emerald Fantasy Girls, and Joe Biden asked Pupillo to track down Hunter and get the issues fixed.

Devine’s excerpt ends with the hilarious anecdote that several weeks later when Hunter tried to stay once again at the Chateau Marmont he found out when he got there that there was a note in his electronic file saying that Hunter could not register without the pre-approval of the general manager.  Hunter was told that he had been banned from staying at the hotel because of his drug use during his prior visit.


Hunter Biden banned because of drug use from the hotel where John Belushi died of a heroin overdose.

You’ve got to believe that there’s a lot more material just like this coming up with the publication of Devine’s book.


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