Biden Administration Suspends Environmental Rules as Democrats Panic Over Empty Gasoline Stations

The Biden Administration announced on Tuesday that it was temporarily waiving EPA restrictions on the sale of the “winter-time” gasoline formulation in major metropolitan areas of three states, and the District of Columbia, as part of an effort to add to the available inventories that can be used to address the gas shortage.  The states are Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland, along with DC.


Normally, each April and May, the EPA requires gasoline manufacturers to begin delivering different formulations of gasoline in certain metropolitan areas because the “summertime” formulation produces fewer emissions from automobile engines.  When that change happens, refiners and distributors are sometimes left with excess inventory of the winter formulation which cannot be sold again until the fall.

By taking the action it did today, the Administration authorized the sale and use of the remaining winter formulation of gasoline in order to add to the level of inventory currently held in tank farms that can now be released into distribution.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said it was waiving volatility requirements governing gasoline in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., through May 18. The move could help bring more fuel to the area that is normally well supplied by the Colonial Pipeline system, a major U.S. artery for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

“I have determined that an ‘extreme and unusual fuel supply circumstance’ exists that will prevent the distribution of an adequate supply of compliant gasoline to consumers,” EPA Administrator Michael Regan said in a letter to local leaders describing the move.

Tuesday’s order temporarily allows the sale of conventional gasoline in areas where reformulated gasoline is required. It also allows the sale of gasoline that doesn’t satisfy requirements meant to help combat smog in certain areas. The order applies to terminal operators and owners, as well as the distributors and carriers of fuel. After the waiver lapses May 18, fuel manufacturers would be barred again from producing or importing gasoline that doesn’t meet current volatility standards, though fuel in the distribution system can still be sold until it is depleted, the EPA said.


The irony practically drips from the words of the letter.

The Biden EPA is waiving the restrictions in order to allow the burning of DIRTIER gas knowing it will worsen smog conditions in certain impacted urban areas — it will POLLUTE MORE — because not doing so would be politically damaging to Democrats in control of the government.

Where are the protests from The Squad and the Green New Deal Advocates over this action?  Lack of gasoline at the pump is what they are striving for after all, and the Colonial Pipeline shutdown gives them exactly what they want — millions of internal combustion engines all turned off at the same time.  This should be Green New Dealers’ Nirvana — showing just how much the environment will be improved by taking a few million cars off the street.

But instead, the Biden EPA is telling those filthy oil companies to keep as many of those pollution machines running as possible, and if it is necessary to buy dirtier gasoline to make that happen, well that’s just okey-dokey with them too.

Yes, the economy of this great country runs on petroleum products.  When the supply of those petroleum products is interrupted, economic dislocation follows, and citizens are hurt in their wallets.  As voters, those citizens tend to take out their frustration and displeasure on the politicians who are in power at the time, no matter how well-intentioned the press portrays them as being.


If the Democrats really believed what they claim they believe on fossil fuels and the Green New Deal, we would see them announcing how this is the perfect opportunity to begin a forced transition away from fossil fuels — what better time to do that than when there is an insufficient supply of what is needed?

If not now, when?

The fact of the matter is that the answer is “never.” The Democrats have far too many cowards in their ranks — career politicians unwilling to risk their political standing as holders of elective office by creating pain and hardship for the voters who elect them.

They showed that on Tuesday by oh so willingly committing themselves to support more pollution when the alternative would be politically inexpedient.

“We are monitoring supply shortages in parts of the Southeast and are evaluating every action the administration can take to mitigate the impact as much as possible,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement late Monday. “The president has directed agencies across the federal government to bring their resources to bear to help alleviate shortages where they may occur.”

Gonads of a gnat.


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