Antifa Battles With Feds in Portland After Twitter Suspends Popular Antifa Accounts

An ICE building in Portland was the scene of numerous clashes on Saturday night between Antifa and Federal Law Enforcement officers on site to protect the facility.


Earlier in the day Twitter suspended accounts associated with Antifa that had tends of thousands of followers, including one particularly well-known account of an Antifa group in Brooklyn, @TheBaseBK, the account for the anarchist center in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

According to the NY Post:

Members of Antifa — the far-left radical group behind numerous riots in recent months — ransacked the streets of Seattle the night of President Biden’s inauguration, smashing up the historic Starbucks and burning an American flag.

They also marched through Portland, Oregon, with a banner reading, “WE DON’T WANT BIDEN — WE WANT REVENGE!”

Twitter has been cracking down on accounts belonging to extremist groups and those that peddle conspiracy theories following the Jan. 6 siege on the US Capitol.

I don’t suppose it strikes anyone else as odd that these accounts advocated violent protests for the past 9 months — even advertising times and locations where they were scheduled to take place on Twitter — and Twitter did nothing.  But now that Donald Trump has left the White House and Joe Biden is in office, Twitter suddenly found it necessary to make an effort to deprive Antifa of the use of its platform to continue organizing protests. I’m sure Joe Biden sent Jack a nice “Thank You” note later in the day.


Whether in solidarity with their banned brethren or simply because nightly rioting is more fun than any other offer these idiot geeks for spending their Saturday nights, Antifa showed up in Portland, picking the federal ICE facility as the target of their ire.


One thing that is plainly obvious from these videos is the dramatically smaller number of Antifa protesters are still coming out to confront the police.  The weather might be a factor — nighttime temps in the low 40s with rain in Portland in January rather than the 70s in July.

But even with smaller numbers, Antifa seems determined to “soldier on”, but I guess Twitter just couldn’t take any more.


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